Top Movies but banned by Our Censor Board

Banned/A rated/Not for children below 18 years

You call it Unlucky or call it Our Society mentality but our India’s CENSOR board give its best not to show any such content that in any way harms our culture and traditions and disrupts the harmony of our society irrespective of the knowledge that we are constantly modernizing. Here are some famous top movies but banned by our Censor Board.

1.Kamasutra A tale of love story.


Needless to say, because of the large quantity of explicit content in this movie, The movie was banned by our censor board and called it ‘explicit’, unethical and ‘immoral’.In spite of the fact that India is the origin of Kamasutra, our Censor Board didn’t allow the movie and you might be not aware but famous actress Rekha also worked in this movie.

2.Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James.


I can guarantee it in spite it has been banned by our censor board you might have watched this movie of course( OK at least 70% people have watched this movie) it was an erotic movie and theme was probably too hard to digest by our CENSOR board.The distributor even offered to cut some scene but our CENSOR board didn’t change its decision.

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3.Indiana Jones and the temple of doom.


This was a part of the very famous adventure movie series but the movie did not escape from the clutches of our censor board.This movie was banned because it depicted Hinduism, Indian culture, and our traditions in a bad light and it was a strong reason indeed.

4.Bandit Queen.


It was a biographical movie based on the life of a famous dacoit Phoola Devi. This movie was self-criticized by Phoolan Devi for not showing the true incident and stories of her life.

5.Black Friday


Another interesting film is given by Anurag Kashyap which was based upon the Mumbai blasts of 1993.Due to its controversial content, it was banned for continuously three years by the censor board.



This movie was shot on the outskirts of Varanasi and the crew was confronted with various protestors throughout the filming of the movie as the Movie portrayed ostracism and misogyny towards the widows in rural areas.

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Yeah. You heard that right, There is a movie named  Gandu’.It was a Bengali movie which created a lot of buzz for its nude scenes.Shot in a white and black format the movie was banned because it defined  ‘India sensibilities.

8.I spit on your grave.



The Censor board banned this movie as it was full of horrifying scenes and sexual violence and the movie has also been banned in several other countries and no doubt including India too.

9.The Da Vinci Code


First thing first I do love the movie as it shows the fact and history of the Christianity.But instead, there was a huge outcry in many states of India by the Christian minorities to ban the movie and thus was banned in many states including Goa, Tamil Nadu,Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.

10.India’s daughter


Although it’s not a movie but a type of documentary related to the 2012 gang rape it was banned by the Delhi government through out in India due to harming negative sentiment although it was then uploaded on Facebook then government ordered to remove it.

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