This is the reason why India has 3 blade fans

Even wondered Why India has 3 blade fans and other countries such as the USA have 4 blades on their fan

Now of course, there is a lot of science going around us everywhere. One might not have either enough time. Or might not have enough interest to know about the going activities around themselves. But for the people who are curious enough to come to our blog. This is the real reason. Why fans in India have only 3 blades attached to it nor 4 or 5 like other countries.

Now you might have noticed, fans in shops come with both 3 and 4 blades depending on the place where they are being used. In India, we usually have them with 3 blades. But other countries like The United states of America and other colder areas come with 4 blades in it. Now they are not just designed that way nor there is any religious belief related with it as in many cases. It’s just Science. There’s a reason behind it.

In the USA, the sole purpose of a ceiling fan is to use as a supplement to the air conditioner. That is the reason why the fan, which is usually slower than the one with 3 blades, serves the purpose of keeping air circulation in the room. The 4 blades move a large mass of air but are slower than the ceiling fans in India.


However, In our country, Where we prefer more economical living then wealthy living.The fan mostly works as a stand-alone appliance creating a convective cooling effect. Being lighter, the fan operates at a higher speed and is also energy efficient.


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