Demonetization – One week and counting…

I just read an incident in recent times which looked similar to the current situation in our country. During the time of second world war, the then Prime minister of Great Britain  Winston Churchill appealed his fellow countrymen that they don’t have enough number of eggs to supply to all and the soldiers fighting for us need those the most, so please avoid using eggs and let them have those.

Hours after this announcement the people ran towards shops to return the eggs they were having. Indeed a small gesture for the betterment of their country. They contributed a bit for their country during the crisis then why can’t we support the motion of demonetization against the black money?


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In 2014 during elections, one of the major agenda of BJP’s campaign was to curb black money. People of India sensed its need and voted them to power. Now, what is wrong if they are trying to keep their promise and taking a step towards cleaning India by curbing black money? Like all other issues, the opposition is criticizing the decision but is it the voice of the nation?

As per a survey conducted by news broadcasting app, In short, 82% of people are with the government for demonetization. If this is true then why these politicians are barking? Logic is simple some of them if not all are also the defaulters who used to deal with black money.


The situation in the country is like the ideal land of ‘Ram Rajya’ where the honest one is happy in his living but it’s the rich one who is disturbed a lot. No one is saying a word of caste, all are at same level. But the media is busy showing the long ques near banks and the news of raids are shadowing.

A leading newspaper in Singapore, ‘The independent’ published a news citing Narendra Modi as the face of change for the entire society. Isn’t it shameful for us that the other people are teaching us what to do for our goodwill? Can’t we think of ourselves? Around 3 lac people unfollowed our Prime minister for his brave step. 3 lac people, moreover the educated ones using the social platform Twitter found this move unhealthy for the nation. I just want to ask those impatient ones tell me another way to curb the mountain of black money.

Some with the sound mind is suggesting the government to open a common account for the military funds where these people with illegal money can deposit the sum instead of wasting it at the Banks of rivers. Moreover, I will say there should be another common account like for farmers, drought victims where the amount will be deposited without asking any details about the person. That is my take on this topic. Your take may be the same or may not be but at least try to be positive. ‘Aaj ka dukh, kal ka sukh ‘. No pain No gain.

So What are your views regarding Demonetization, Will it affect Indian economy or It will help to curb Corruption a lot, Do comment your views.


Paraag Joshi


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