Celebrating Independence Day 2017 with Google Doodle


Even in a state of drowsiness, I couldn’t take my eyes off a bright and attractive symbol.An awesome combination of the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India with gorgeous national symbols that reminds of the true potential of India.

It’s the eve of 71st Independence Day of India. Apart from the figure, a lot more has changed. This day is commemorated with great pomp and show. From morning on wards, flags will be hoisted, national songs will be sung, the sacrifice of the brave Indian heroes will be cherished. But the most elegant celebration of the day has already started with an initiative of the most renowned organization of the world.


Yes, it ‘s Google itself. The special Google Doodle for today portrays the rich culture and bright future of India. The very sight of the Parliament, Ashok Chakra, India’s National Bird and of course the greenery is mesmerizing. Mumbai based artist, Sabeena Karnik took all the pain to give birth to this brainchild. She has used spiral paper cut styles to symbolize “bold and beautiful celebration“.

With the classic combination of colours the doodle is an artistic rendering of India’s stunning atmosphere. Saffron brings forth courage, unity and selflessness for the people of India. White depicts purity, honesty and peace of our nation. Green stands for faith and prosperity of India. The blue colour symbolizes truth of the universe. The amalgam of all these colours creates a visual imagery of India on our mind. Yes, all these colours can be found in the each of doodles too which grasps our imagination at once.


Every year Google uses symbols in its homepage to honour special days, achievements and people. The organization has been doing this since 1998 and has truly been showing its originality with such a kind gesture. Consequently every year on the very same day Google pictures some of its lively innovative ideas with an artistic touch. These doodles not only praise the most memorable day in Indian history but also reminds us of our intense hierarchy and bright culture.



Google Doodle(15th August 2016)      


Google Doodle(15th August 2015):  



Google Doodle(15th August 2014):


Google Doodle(15th August 2013):    



Google Doodle(15th August 2012):



Not only this, Google went a step further by announcing ‘Google 4 Doodle‘ Competitions. Diverse artists from all over the world send in their creations and the best ones get featured on the homepage of Google along with the artist details. This generates extraordinary creativity and gives birth to such extraordinary artists called doodlers.


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