You’ll be Shocked to see World’s Oldest emoji discovered

Yesterday I was going through a newspaper.  Surprisingly, My eyes fell on this interesting article and I thought to share it with you all. Because emojis have become an indispensable part of our daily life and we can’t deny that.


There is a saying that “There are no shortcuts to success”. But today we all are on a look out for shortcuts in every field and thus instead of writing words, we use these tiny smilies to express our feelings. We don’t realize that always. But now, just go through your chats with your friends, you will find that you use these more than words. Am I right?


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Last year on November 4 the first International Emoticon Conference was held in San Francisco, California(Source: Wikipedia). This shows what importance emoji hold.

Emoji-Origin and findings

As per Wikipedia’s history, emoji had originated from Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s. But the archaeologists have discovered – a smiley face was drawn on the side of a pitcher dating back to 1,700 BC.

During an excavation, headed by Nicolo Marchetti, an associate professor at the University of Bologna in Italy, near the Syrian border, archaeologists found the ancient pitcher with three visible paint strokes on it – two dots for eyes and a curve for a smile. Have a look!

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The professor told the media, “This pitcher was used to drink sherbet, a sweet drink. We have probably found the oldest smiley emoji.”

After reading this, I feel that if we observe carefully the carved paintings on the walls of Indian temples, there may be a chance of finding more emoji. And if our ancestors used such emoji then we being their successors should follow their footsteps and that’s what we are doing now! They were used in paintings and we are using in all activities.

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    Nyc one aparna. Good article

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