Check Yourself whether WhatsApp or Facebook messages are true or hoax


Guys, These days there is a no of fake and hoax messages, which are spreading like fire in our world. To counter this we need to stop blindly trusting on them and start acting smart.


If you haven’t checked our last article on Fake new, Its effects and how to deal with it. Please do visit that article too.


I along with my team have started a campaign to check every message that is going to social media websites like facebook, WhatsApp.


Please drop the message in the form below which you think might be a hoax and we will tell you whether the message is authentic or is a fake one.

We will verify the messages from correct and required sources and display the conclusions as soon as possible. Let’s join our hands to remove this inappropriate and hoax things from our society, As these type of messages are creating a lot of problem in our country blindly believe and trust in them and the other thing which exaggerates this problem is that they share this hoax messages among their friends and family members and thus the rumours spread.


For suggestions and queries, You can Contact us. If You want to join our Organisation to stop this hoax messages to spread and other socio-related activities or if you want to write with us you can  Join us.

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  1. Finally, a new law passed by MODI Govt today. As per Indian Penal Code 233. If a girl is suspected to be raped or getting raped, then she has the supreme right to kill the man, or harm that person as dangerously and the girl won’t be blamed for the murder. By Mihir

    Reply — Mihir this message is not true as IPC section 233 deals with “making and selling of instruments for counterfeiting coins” . So do not believe and share this message and please inform you friends and family members too to stay away from this hoax.

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