What is VEVO..? Why famous albums have its labels on Youtube..??

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Most of us are fond of watching video online Right..? I guess that is the reason youtube is the second most viewed website after Google itself. Now the reason for the article was because most of the videos i.e famous albums of many singers and celebrities have a label attached to it as VEVO.Why you should know what it is..? Check out google top 10 videos and you will see seven of them have a VEVO logo on it.

You enjoy your video but merely notice what is the logo and what is the reason behind it. Even though many people notice it but merely they try to find the reason for the label that has a story attached to it. So I thought I should pen down so that my readers could know about it. So that next time you see this logo you will know Why it is there. That will also add a more charm when you watch that video knowing the reason of its presence.

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Why you should Know about VEVO.

So to increase your curiosity level let me tell you some facts about the company. If you will Look at the top 10 most viewed youtube videos and you will see six-seven of them are of vevo. VEVO has 26 separate channels with over 10 million subscribers. They have a hefty amount of videos that will be somewhere near two hundred and fifty thousand (250000). Many others will be in the making process while you are reading this article. Collectively they are getting somewhere 25 billion views per month. That’s more than you can count Just see the numbers. So to end your curiosity let me tell you who they are and what they do.

What is VEVO ..??

People generally google searching, Are vevo and youtube view the same or are vevo videos copyrighted. Wikipedia says Vevo is a multinational video hosting service. It stands for “Video Evolution”. As of now the net worth of this video company is 760 million dollars. So It is owned by the Record Companies i.e It is a joint venture that was initially undertaken by Sony BMG and Universal music group and now warner music group joined a few years ago, to form the company called VEVO. Sony BMG and Universal music group own the majority of shares of this company. Warner music group also has the licensing agreement to it.

Today if you go on to youtube, you can see a vevo logo on the majority of videos starting from television series to live performances to official albums of famous singers. So it has every type of videos on their site(I will provide the link to the site below) as well as youtube.

VEVO has its personal website where you can sign up and see all exclusive videos by it. Although the website is only available in few countries like USA, Canada, France, Australia. For India, there is a bad news as the website is not (Officially?) available in India.However, you can still check their website here(Just make sure to use VPN). The website I checked was really awesome. You can get every video from the 80s to the one released this date.

Search for music videos or you can listen to your favorite artist or you can look out for live performance. You can search through trending videos or by their genre or mood. You can like videos, You can get recommendations from their website or receive updates whenever your favorite artists upload a new video right to your inbox once you re-subscribed. Basically, the website is more awesome then youtube in terms of specific Albums.

Google tie Up with the Company

The tech giant Google also has a significant percentage of market share in the company. As per our sources, Google has a 7% of market share of vevo. Yeah, that’s why you keep getting recommendations of these videos in Youtube. The benefits are shared among all i.e the money from their ads on youtube. So everyone gets their pocket shares and that’s one of the reason what makes the company runs profitably.

How the profit comes to the Singers

The ads that come when you see vevo video generates income from the advertisers.Youtube keeps Some cut of the income and the rest is given to vevo. Vevo shares get split between the owners and the artists as per some contracts made between them. So everyone gets their cut and so the artist and the youtube and the company itself makes a good amount of money.

Now as i already told you Vevo has its own website too and here is what vevo has done a smart job for the profit of their company. Vevo put ads on their own website too. So you have to watch the ads before you can watch any videos. The income generated at their own site is the sole income of the company only and is not shared among youtube.

How powerful is VEVO

VEVO has the right to take any videos from youtube anytime. So if they want they can remove all the videos of theirs on youtube. Youtube gives the exposer to the albums because a lot of people on the world uses youtube. So its the companies choice to keep the videos in youtube or not. However, they haven’t removed any as of now. If they want to generate more income it would have uploaded the videos only on their website and not on youtube. But I think they have decided to go with youtube as it keeps the people interested and to have a lot of exposure in their videos.

So this is it. I think I have given you most of the details of the video hosting company that is earning a lot of money by using their right skills while continuously making everyone happy by giving their shares. So next time someone asks you about “what are vevo videos”. Feel free to help them with the answers.


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