The daughter of the mad king sure, has plenty of titles. Some even joke that it is enough time for her to conquer the seven kingdoms by the time Missandei has announced her complete name. But the truth behind Dany’s titles is far more than what meets the eye. Following are the vivid explanations of each of the titles she has received through the years:

I) Daenerys Stormborn, of the House Targaryen, first of her name:

Dany was born in the night on one of the worst storms, Westeros has ever seen to Queen Rhaella on Dragonstone during Robert’s Rebellion. Thus, earning her the nickname: Stormborn. She is the last surviving Targeryan and was named after King Aegon-IV’s daughter. But she will be the first of her name if she ever sits on the iron throne among all who have sat on that uncomfortable chair.

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II) The blood of Old Valyria and Blood of the Dragon:

Old blood and blood of the dragon refer to her noble Valyrian ancestry and consequently due to the close binding relationship between Valyrians and their dragons. “Daenys-the dreamer” daughter of the then lord, of a certain noble family in Valyria known as the “Targeryans” ; foresaw the doom of Valyria-12 years prior to it and they left Essos and settled on Dragonstone. A century later Aegon the conqueror conquered the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Technically they are the only Valyrians who exist since they survived the Doom. That’s why Dany is called the “The Blood of Old Valyria” and “the blood of the dragon” just like her ancestors.

III)Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the first men; Lady of the Seven kingdoms; and protector of the realm (Claimant Title):

Dany claims she is the rightful heir to the iron throne by the rules of inheritance of Westeros; as was his father and his father before him. As the ruler of the seven kingdoms presides over all the other liege lords of the seven kingdoms, hence she will be the Lady of the Seven kingdoms. She is the queen to all those descended from the Andals( The people from the Riverlands, the Vale, the Stormlands, the Iron Islanders, the Reach, and the Westerlands). She rules over theRhoynars from whom the Dornish claim descent and subsequently the First Men from whom the Northerners claim descent. The head of the state is by default considered as the Protector of the Realm except for a child ruler where a Reagent is declared (who is addressed as My Lord/Lady Protector).

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IV) Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea:

Daenerys commands the largest Khalasar of the Dothraki after his husband Khal Drogo. The Dothraki inhabit the plainlands and the grasslands of Essos commonly known as the Great Grass Sea.

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V) The Unburnt:

She entered her husband’s pyre and when the fire burned out she was unhurt. Resistant to fire, she is considered as ‘The Unburnt’, keenly dubbed by the Dothraki.

VI) Breaker of Chains:

In her quest to liberateSlaver’s Bay, she abolishes slavery against the age-old tradition of Slavers and Slaves in the new world. Slaver’s Bay now stands as a free and independent Bay of Dragons.

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VII) Mother of Dragons:

In a miraculous series of events, Daenerys’s petrified dragon eggs hatched in Khal Drogo’s fire. Where many speculate about this event, shrouded with mystery- she was considered the Mother of Dragons. A world where magic was a strong force before the dragons, saw a new dawn. All forms of magic became strong again with the advent of dragons.

Cool, isn’t it? Well, there has been shades to her character. Let’s see what’s more in store for us in the coming episodes.

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