Thousand-Star Hotel?

Yes you heard correctly! Hotels are rated in terms of comfort, location and all such factors. Who doesn’t want to be extended with extra hospitality? I want it. You want it. Everyone wants it. Ever heard of a thousand-star hotel? Yes, there literally exists a thousand-star hotel.

When one listens to the word, ‘hotel’, the things that immediately flash is cozy, fluffy beds, well-lit rooms, ceilings with designer chandeliers etc. But I am not talking about all that. I am talking about the Null Stern situated in the Swiss Alps.

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Image credits: Dezeen

This famous hotel has no roof at all! Imagine yourself lying cozily wrapped in the finest bed-sheets directly under the night sky. Even if you find thousands of stars twinkling above you, you will be dumbstruck to know the true meaning of its name. The Null Stern, in German, means ‘Zero-Star’! This superb concept was the brainchild of the Swiss twin brothers, Frank and Patrik Riklin in 2008.

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A double-bed, two end-tables with lamps and tile floor sums that up, thereby extending hospitality and sight-seeing, both at its best. Worried about the room-service? Well a personal butler will always be at your service. It costs around 250$ a night. It might sound extravagant, but all the meals will be served right at the end-table beside you, amidst this panoramic greenery. Booking is very easy and the Riklins have the right to cancel a reservation owing to bad weather.

Image credits: Calida

People normally use hotels as a buffer when they travel. But this hotel sounds as a tourist destination itself! The breath-taking sunrise and sunset coupled with the splendid scenic beauty of the mountains is worth emptying your pockets for. Isn’t it? Given a chance, I will definitely like to visit this place. What about you?

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