Things when Child vs Things when Adult

Things when Child vs Things when Adult

We know When there is a Beginning there will always be an end There are both the First Day and Last Day, Life has both the start and end part Sometimes you are happy during the beginning and sad during the ending and sometimes it’s sad at the beginning but too happy at the end.We know a very famous Quote said that Change is the law of nature and Yes It is very much true As we will grow us So will our surrounding our Nature.

So Here today we present to you some of the pictures which will really show you How things change as we Grow Up ,which you will really depict on yourself So here are Things when Child vs Things when Adult.

1. Trust me I am an Engineer.??


2. Oh, Newton! Where are you?


3. First, there are schools and then there are proxies.


 4.My whole childhood was a lie.


5. Now this one is one of my favorites, Don’t You miss your School Days?

 Things when Child vs Things when Adult

6. C, C++, Java, Python, SQL and a lot more.

Things when Child vs Things when Adult

7. Like Literally !! Fail ??

Things when Child vs Things when Adult

8. Worst Nightmare of many.?

Things when Child vs Things when Adult

9.And If you are searching Whats That, That’s the formula of Hydrogen Bomb Below.

Things when Child vs Things when Adult

Friends If you have crossed this stage you must have felt the pain involved and If you are a teenage know and haven’t crossed the 12th yet possibilities are that you will feel you have entered a quantum realm, But Do Not Fear.Just keep Calm and.. And By the way, that was not the formula of the hydrogen bomb and I seriously have no idea what does that diagram even mean, But  The thing is You have to give your 100% and you will succeed.

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