The Teddy Bear Courts : A children’s courtroom


Interesting title, Isn’t it? Well if you are hearing the title for the first time then you would be surprised obviously. Now just look at the pictures below.

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Do these pictures resemble a typical Indian court, black and white color, the wooden bench, the angry looking policemen, the advocates in black robes and mostly the scary face of criminals? This is all I know about the court description as I have seen in many films and series because I have never been to a real court.

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So the terms in the title: Teddy bears and the court don’t seem connected, Right?

Teddy bear is a toy every child even an adult loves to play with and a court is a place even adults fear to go. So how come it is related!

Teddy bears and court- Their relation

In India child trafficking, child abuse are common terms and like every other case some of these cases are pending even now and some are completed. Well, it is difficult for an adult to deal with the criminals in comparison to a child. But it is more difficult for a child. The child may get scared if he or she sees the accused and the surrounding may harm his/her mental condition prior to what he/she may have dealt before.

So in simple words, it is the type of court where the victims are children.

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So the idea to establish dedicated courts for cases of sexual abuse and the other crime against children came up in Goa 13 years ago. Sice then the Goa Children’s Court has been working on that idea. The creation of such courts to deal with cases against children is laid out in the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005 and mandated by the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012.

The interior of the court is designed keeping in mind what a child needs so that he/she won’t be pressurized while answering the judge and can tell them freely what happened to them. There is also a separate waiting room for the children where they could play and feel comfortable during the prosecution.

This year similar courts will be inaugurated in many states who have announced their plans.

This is indeed one of the best steps taken by the government according to me. Don’t you think so?

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