Students’ prime enemy-Procrastination

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Have you ever spoken to yourself, “Oh! It’s 22:00 hrs and I’m kind of sleepy right now and won’t be effective doing that stuff and moreover, I have to submit that tomorrow late in the afternoon. Ah…! I will do that with a fresh mood when I get up”. But you are unable to grab a good sleep as are aware within that, even if you start working right now you could not do that by next noon.


And the next day also you are not that effective and you are in a rush to complete it as soon as possible whether the stuff is up to its mark or not. Well, then a ghost named Procrastination  /prə(ʊ)ˌkrastɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/  has possessed them.

According to perfect definitions, procrastination is the action of shifting tasks from that present moment to near future out of laziness or may be avoidance of task for some unwanted reasons. There are many theories related and certain psychological reasons for such kind of behavior.

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Is it actually how it is defined by scientists and certain c theories?

NO, it doesn’t work like that. Let’s find out the real cause of procrastination.

7 out of 10 people are victims of procrastination. The first group of non-procrastinators is the Indian homemakers (aka housewives) and mothers. The other part consists of protectors who fight against the bacteria-viruses of this country. The left outs are the ones who work hard for their survival and to help their siblings see the world. procrastination The most affected part of the society is the student section. They are spoon fed till they grow their wisdom teeth and when they are free, they are left confused in this competitive world. It isn’t that they lack the ability to achieve and invent, everyone leaves them unguided and unrewarded.

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The principal reason for leaving a task midway is the lack of motivation. They don’t have a target to achieve. Even if they have it, they are unaware of the conclusions. Even if they are aware of the conclusions, they believe that they are not going to be rewarded. This reward is not in the terms of money, job or bonus, this is the reward they want to achieve is in the form of a smile, a tap on the back, a word of praise from their beloved kith and kin. Instead of such invaluable rewards, they are burdened with more tasks, more pressure and sometimes just the negation of their expectations.

What should you do to avoid it?

This article is not for procrastinators who are searching for the scientific reasons behind their behavior. You can get better results in journals from different psychological research institutes. This is for those who want to know what is really affecting them which is invisible. If they want to get rid of this bad habit, they some of the easy steps as follows:

  • Stop keeping high expectations from others except for your parents.
  • Reward yourself
  • Maintain a diary with reminders and have a look every day with a checkbox ticked whenever you complete a task. Trust me, this is the best technique.
  • Challenge the inner you who has more of potential and check your results after a season. You will turn yourself an Achiever.
  • Make someone your ideal. I don’t mean photographed legends, I mean the people around you and grasp their hard working qualities

At last, I would like to conclude with my favorite dialogue from the Indian movie ‘Chandni Chowk to China’, “I am not afraid of the 1000 moves that you have practiced 1 time, I am afraid of that 1 move that you have practiced 1000 times”


Don’t be a ‘Jack of all trades and Master of none’, try to mine that jewel out of you. If you are unaware, stop wasting time and don’t stop discovering it. Just believe in YOU…

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