Sewage Death in Delhi – Whom to Blame

 Rules are made to be broken…this is fine in books and classes but what if it costs a life!!!

Delhi experienced such a sad day. Recently a death toll of 10 sewage workers took place in a suburb area of Delhi just in a month due to some ignorance in safety. Lots of cases have come to notice where people are dying during sewage cleaning in various places in Delhi.

workers scavenging and cleaning sewage are Dalits mostly yet suffering from little to no means of livelihood and yet even after their worst condition they go through to make our living comfortable there life is thrown away pricelessly. With the caste prejudice, they are still suffering meaningless death sending them to the tanks-age old practice of cleaning untreated human waste and without protective gears.

Don’t you think atleast one shouldn’t be that inhumane to not care about living?And all Delhi Jal Board has to say is they didn’t know anything about the contractor after 10 sad demises! No one thought about it until mass deaths. shouldn’t that fraud contractor be held by then? And now he is in free!


Swarn Singh, a brave man who died trying to save three other co-workers. On morning July 15, Singh got a frantic call from his son Jaspal, crying for help at routine cleaning of the tank they were assigned. The workers were faint and not responding to Jaspal’s cries. Swarn Singh, Anil, Inderjeet and Dileep Dubey were all announced dead with only survivor, Singh’s son, Jaspal. According to Jaspal’s statement, they were told it was a rainwater harvesting tank and alluded to the sewage trap.


Just after a few days later yet another death happens.  Two brothers died on Saturday after inhaling toxic gases inside a sewer in Aggarwal Fun City Mall, Anand Vihar. The incident happened six days after three workers died inside a Delhi Jal Board-managed sewer line in Lajpat Nagar. Still careless! 24 years old Jahangir and his two years younger brother got caught into toxic gas tanks. They were found fainted inside without gears and yet the mall management was not held guilty rather the police announced it a culpable homicide.

Brothers of some sisters died. They couldn’t even live to see their sister on Raksha Bandhan.One of the victim’s sister came from Bihar to Delhi to tie Rakhi on her brother’s dead body at t hospital. People die and many hopes to die. So please care about your life if you care about others.

After all 10 deaths, the contractor is on run no records of him. But whats conspiring is there is no phone records of Vinoy Sirohi, 22-year-old -one among who was found dead in the pipeline in Lajpat Nagar, for last 3 to 4 days.

Finally, the toll got to its final episode yesterday. On Sunday afternoon Rishi Pal, 40 years died of toxic inhalation while cleaning sewage in Lok Nayak government hospital and yet management got away. So this gonna really be the last episode or still more are waiting to get trapped.

What’s worth revealing is the attitude of authorities towards it. On Monday, the water minister, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, the Delhi Jal Board CEO and the local district magistrate was scheduled to visit the site. But they had to cancel the plan because of heavy traffic jams. What the hell man is someone’s justice that unimportant.

However finally authorities got some time to come forward. The Delhi HC had given as many as 16 strong directives to the DJB(Delhi Jal Board) for protection of sewage workers. Those included providing modern protective equipment to all sewage workers; providing soap and oil to all workmen and providing accident card-cum-wage slip to all workers, among others.

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3 thoughts on “Sewage Death in Delhi – Whom to Blame

  • August 22, 2017 at 4:31 am

    What the hell is AAP doing over there.????

    • August 28, 2017 at 5:02 am

      seems like Kejriwaal might have got a broom symbol to his party…but couldn’t understand to the meaning of it.

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