These might be the Factual reasons behind the Blind Beliefs

India is known for its diverse culture and rich historical significance. There is a part of Indian beliefs and actions that create a bad impression, it’s none other than the blind beliefs and superstitions.
Superstition in India is a major social problem. Superstitions have no logical significance and are contradictory to modern science. But there are certain logic and scientific reasons which were structured by great men in ancient times. Intelligent people in those times had to build certain restrictions for the benefit of people. These were difficult to implement and pass the messages to all the people, so they planned to implement these restrictions by creating fear among them so that people could easily remember and popularise them. These beliefs were structured in ancient India and the reasons behind them hold in those time.

Some common beliefs and the scientific reasons behind them are:

This is the most popular blind belief that is followed in almost every part of India. In ancient times people had no motorized vehicles rather they had animal driven carts and they used to carry food during their journey.

There are 3 Possible reasons behind this restriction:-

(i) a kitten always follows its mother unlike other babies, so if a traveler meets a cat while crossing a road there is a probability that there might be kittens following their parent and may come under the cart

(ii) a traveler carrying food with him should be aware of cats as they may follow them and chase for food for the certain distance

(iii) night travelers are warned of the black cats because animals sense cats as the presence of tigers so they may get afraid and possibly could freak out.

Cats originated from the middle eastern Arabic regions and they traveled a long way to India before dogs reached. And now cat’s population have significantly reduced and there is a huge growth of dogs in our country. Thus if we follow this belief of dogs instead of cats and stop our vehicles as soon as we see a dog around, this would reduce the number of road accidents….  (author’s personal point of view)



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2. hanging lemon and chilies in front of shops
Alakshmi like misfortuned men, widows, lower caste etc. are considered god of misfortune brings bad luck to the shop owners or business. In order not to allow her entering the shops they hang these 7 chilies and 4 lemons. It is believed that Alakshmi after consuming lemon and green chilies, loses her urge to enter the house or shop. She will
turn around without casting her vicious eye.

truth: this was formed for the vegetable and food vendors. The cotton thread which is used to pierce the chilies and lemon absorbs the acid from the fruit whilst it is fresh. This smell keeps the pests and insects away from the shops. This is a simple pesticide which came into practice from ancient times, which is misleading now superstitiously and is being used all other shops too.


3. sweeping after sunset
If you sweep your house after sunset Lakshmi leaves your house and hence inviting poverty.

But the real reason behind this is back in the days when there was no electricity. light of lamp was not enough to spot any small valuable ornament while sweeping and hence chances of sweeping them away with the dust is high. Hence it was not advised to sweep after dark.


4. Walking or placing something under the stairs
it is practiced in every home not to keep any household thing or even walk under the staircase.

in old times people had no solid staircase, they had wooden ladders. So it was advised not to walk under them as they may fall upon you or someone on the roof may drop something on you.


5. Eating non-veg in the month of Shrawan, Kartik and other weekdays
it is scientifically found that in months of Shrawan, Kartik which falls in the rainy season in India. Fish, birds, animals get infected due to the water-borne diseases like jaundice, cholera etc. consuming the flesh would indirectly transfer the germs into us making us fall ill.
Some weekdays other than Sunday and sometimes Sundays are debarred from eating non-veg. This was made into practice so that people don’t overeat non-veg every week.


6. Fallen hair around the house will make you lose money
The myth is that if you throw fallen hair inside the house instead of binning it, you will lose your money and property.

But the real fact behind this superstition is if you leave the fallen hair inside the house it may end up falling into the food when the wind blows. This will directly harm your health and would make you lose money over medicines.beliefs


7. lizard falling on human is bad luck/good luck
Every movement of the wall lizard holds some significance according to Gowli Shastra in India. The color, spots, stripes, chirping or twittering of the lizard and where it falls on a person’s body are said to indicate future happenings. However, the fact holds that lizards that are poisonous in nature release poisonous chemicals from their body in order to protect against enemies. If such lizard comes in contact of a person’s body or falls in a food item like milk etc. then is bound to make it contaminated. One should wash that particular spot and area to avoid infectious disease.


8. immediately take a river bath after funeral
When a person dies, the body starts to decompose and when the body is burnt, the ashes fly around in the air. And when you attend a funeral, you are exposed to the germs, bacteria and the chemicals released by the body and present in the air due to decomposition. The fire burns down the germs but dead germs along with certain chemicals fly around falling on you. Taking a river bath (running water) washes away germs and ash dust on you.


9. Sacrificing animals for avoiding death
The ritual of animal sacrifice has remained in practice for a long time. In India, Goddess Kali is known to favor animal sacrifices—goats in particular. Killing a goat in her name takes one away from the moment of death.
There is no scientific explanation for this activity, but this is sadly a continuation of certain beliefs that earlier people used to hold. People had a thought that there is an evil spirit along with god. So they used to think that God gives life and evil takes it. Thus in case of an epidemic spread of disease, they sacrificed animals to replace the life of humans.
But the sad part still remains that, people are killing animals even if they are well educated and are far more exposed to reality now.


10. Throwing coins in wells and rivers
Throwing coins in fountains and other water bodies for good luck. It is done all over the world not only in India. In ancient times, the coins were made of copper, which is an essential element for our body’s well being. Rivers and man or nature dug wells used to be the main source of drinking water. The dropped copper coins in the water dissolves its ions which became beneficial for those who drank it. Copper also helps to kill bacteria present in the water.


11. Serving curd at night attracts evil spirits
Ayurveda explains that curd consumption at night is not good as it leads to mucus development. This may result in voice deepening and fever. People used to think this is a possession of evil spirit. If you are eating curd during the day, have it without sugar but if you are eating curd at night, add sugar or some black pepper.

These are the possible reasons we suggested for the blind beliefs that are still present in most part of India.

Source – India today, desinema, thebetterindia

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