How reservation is depriving Indian society

Consequences of reservation.   

                            The country where more than 50 million people are still below the poverty line.The country where more than 50% of graduates decides to go foreign for beginning their career,Yes we are talking about our very own (Used to be called Sone ki Chiriya)* country India and one of the reason is caste reservation in India.

                        The reason why I have written the above lines because India is a diverse country But still some people are becoming a bone in India’s developing process And yes I m talking about one of the most talked reason for the depriving of developing India i.e Reservation in India.

Our blog is completely biased free so when we write about Caste Discrimination We also make sure to write Why Caste Reservation So If you want to have some idea please see Who are the persons encouraging Caste Discrimination and how to end this Social evil.

How it started.

War Against Reservation
It was all started long back in  1902 where the first government order was passed in the state of Kolhapur to give 50% reserved seats  for backward classes. in 1979 Mandal commission was established to assess the situation of deprived classes and it classified 1257 communities as backward(OBC population of 52%).In 1980, the report was submitted by them which led to increase reservation from 22.5% to 49.5%.

The supreme court has  clear instructions not to increase reservations to more then 50% but let me tell you about the current scenario Tamil Nadu one of the southern parts of India has 69% of reserved seats with 66.6% in Andhra Pradesh and talking about northeast states(Arunachal Pradesh,Meghalaya,Nagaland) 80% of the seats are reserved for ST.

Caste Reservation

You can imagine out of 100 seats only 0 seats can be filled by general students that too are unreserved i.e can be filled by a St/Sc or Obc student if has secured more marks than a general student.

                               Now you can just imagine the audacity of reserved people they still consider themselves as deprives. A state  in which 80 seats are exclusively  for the reserved categories and they still can’t develop so whose fault is this, and the fact is that it has become a greed to them they have reservation in promotion also that means your fellow mate will be promoted first if he belongs to a reserved category irrespective  of the skills and capabilities (Because reservation) Now they are asking reservation in private sectors also. 

The country where the cutup of a general student in exams such as IIT is 105 whereas just 40 marks for reserved class and this year it was only (-22) and yes there is a minus sign over there. The country where more capable persons are not offered the place they deserve and where given to the reserved(So called discriminated people). How can that country compete with other developing countries such as USA or China?

The current scenario.

                           You must have seen or heard the case of reservation in Gujrat or the Jat Aarakshan protest trending some months ago and now the Gujars is all trying to call them as deprived instead of trying to reduce reserved seats WHY?? The reason is because they know being reserved in India is easy then removing reservation from India.The trend started back in 2015 when the Patel society started to demand reservation for their people not because they were deprived or they need it but because they were clever enough to understand the scenario.

Updated :- The most interesting fact I got to know today is that for the very first time in  India Gujrat government has issued reservation to General people who belong to financially poor society.

                            A lot of Communities and organisations are joining hands with each other to ask the government to remove reservation from all sectors or at least to remove reservation for every reserved people having an income more than 5 lacs. Many communities such as WAR (War Against Reservation),IAR(India Against reservation), ARC (Anti Reservation Community)(Please do tell us if you have a community or organisation and fighting for this social cause)are encouraging people through social media to demand reservation free country from the current BJP government.


You must be having some questions on your mind like why our government is still quiet on this rising problem and that is all because of vote bank because that’s what is more important. They aren’t actually quiet and are promoting reservation instead.Just some days ago Chief minister of Bihar asked to provide reserved seats to private sectors.

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