The reason why women aren’t allowed at funerals


Ever Wondered Why Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Funerals In India?

India is a place where rules have been set differently for the male and female gender. People have been following certain traditions for years together, only because some of their ancestors started it and no one questioned them about it back then.

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One of those traditions is ‘not allowing women at the shamshan ghat.‘ A shamshan ghat that is the cremation ground is an area where cremation of bodies takes place. Such sites are usually built near rivers or fresh streams so that so that the ashes can be disposed of after cremation as per Hindu tradition. According to Hindu rituals, the son of the deceased is supposed to light pyre fights at the cremation. Also, as per traditions, women are not allowed to attend the funeral or even go beyond the street they live in. But have you ever wondered why? Have you ever asked your parents if there is a science to this logic or is it just a traditional myth? Whether you have attained answers to all your questions or not, we’re going to bust a myth today. Read on.

The fact is that women are NOT BANNED from attending funerals. A woman can visit the cremation and has the right to light the fire if she is the only daughter or if she and her family has no problem with it.

However, our ancestors had their own reasons to not let women attend funerals and they aren’t really illogical. Here are five reasons why women are now allowed to go to shamshan ghat.

1. To Take Care Of The House


While the men of the house go to the cremation ground, the women being the caretakers of the house, are expected to clean the house and look after it. Traditionally, women were also expected to keep the food ready for the men returning from the cremation ground.

2. It’s A Disturbed Sight


It is believed that some women are weak hearted and therefore may not be able to bear the terrible sight of bodies being burned. As per Hindu mythology, before leaving the shamshan ghat the family members must ensure that the dead body is fully burnt and because of the heat, the body may cramp up, which isn’t easy to watch.

3. Long Hair Can Attract Negative Energy


Hair is considered as one of the evil element. Therefore, people still believe that long hair can attract negative energy. Thus they make it easy for evil spirits to possess women. Since women can’t shave their head, they are not allowed to enter the shamshan ghat.

4. Ghost Effect 


It is said that unmarried women (specifically virgins) are pure and therefore easier to be possessed by the evil spirits. As against, married women can enter the cremation ground as they are difficult to be controlled through bad means.

5. A Ritual Belief 


According to some traditional beliefs in Hindu mythology, tears are considered as pollutants during the last rights of the deceased. Women being soft-hearted may shed tears or weep and thus it may not make the dead person feel at peace.

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