This Is reason Why Movies releases on friday

.Bollywood movies are here before even our parents were born. There has ben a constant bond between us  and them. Now as I told before there are numerous things that are going around us. And we have no idea about How and Why they are happening. we are kinda used to it. Now Today One I got something in my mind What’s the reason of movies releasing on Friday. Now I didn’t get one specific reason and got several answers behind it instead.

According to a source, Bollywood follows the general trend of Hollywood movies which also releases on Friday.



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The Assumptions ;-

1.Now the first reason behind releasing of movies on Friday might be because Friday is considered a payday.Generally, because the next two days are holidays so people can enjoy their time on the weekends with their families which might not be possible if movies were released on Mondays or Tuesday.

2.The other reason that I didn’t consider, but it might be true, that Friday is considered auspicious in India by most religions and hence the producers and the whole unit of the movies might have a superstitious/natural relief about releasing the movie on a Friday.

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Now frankly speaking these are just a assumptions and there is no 100 % authentic proof to it.You probably might have to get back to the mid-90s. If you want the concrete answer. So best of luck If only you are going.


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