Posters that depicts How being middle class is

Ok, guys, A middle-class person is the most common creature we find everywhere……. Neither too rich nor too poor. Actually, the squeezed ones who get neither the favors of the rich nor get the favors meant for the poor. Most of the families in India considers them self as the middle-class family. They are the backbone of our society and contribute to most of the work for our society.

Here today we present you some of the posters that beautifully describes the life of an Indian middle-class family.

#1.So that we can Wrap our present in that for our friend’s birthday.

middle class families

#2.It’s Like Bhindi ke rate pata h 40Rs/Kl.Sab Kha ke Khatam Karo 😂😂

middle class families

#3.First used it for wearing then for younger brother and then for Pocha

middle class families

#4.Because We have to make sure that None of the carry bags will be wasted

middle class families

#5.Because middle class but Fond of expensive things and can’t ask everything from parents.

middle class families


#6.That’s some good expectations from The money plant.😝😂

middle class families

#7.Like I said this one will only be understood if someone is having his elder brother.Brace yourself if you are the elder one like me😂☺️

middle class families

#8.And are only used for very special guests

middle class families

Image Credits- Happily Unmarried


So, weren’t they true? Just Remember being middle class is absolutely not bad yeah but not trying to become rich is bad. Born in a middle class, not a problem but if u die remaining a middle class that will be your great loss. Be in ground but always aim for the stars and at last, just want to conclude that

Friends if you too have some innovative ideas for our blog or if you too can create graphics posters like that please don’t forget to contact us. So till Next time Good Bye and See You Soon.😊



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