Stress eating: Right Food for Right Mood

stress eating

We know, what we eat can affect our waistline but did you know it can affect your mood as well? Stress-Eating or eating to make one feel better is a real thing today! According to research; people tend to eat something delicious under stress which is often unhealthy.

This continual intake of fats and sugars override the natural system of regulation in our body hence creating a self-perpetuating problem of stress eating and its consequences. This physiological trigger for craving more and more can be stopped by eating right for the right mood. Healthy stress eating comes to the picture as a rescue! Mood-boosters are instant turn-around that can help you get back to normalcy and balance.


stress eating

Following are some of the healthy eating patterns for different moods for a soothing balanced system;

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# Feeling FATIGUE OR SLUGGISH? Oranges and berries are the answer. Vitamin-C rich food help absorbs iron better in our body and fiber rich food help us get through the day, yet leave us feeling light.

# When you’re feeling CRANKY OR BLOATED, you need to have a good combination of carbs and proteins. Apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, blueberry and cottage cheese are some suggested healthy combinations. Girls while PMSing can have calcium rich food like a healthy milkshake or simply a grilled-cheese sandwich.

       stress eating          

# When it’s the middle of the week and you feel too STRESSED you can snack on a smidge of dark chocolate which is rich in anti-oxidants and help you relax.

# Omega: 3 rich food and nuts help you out when you are SAD; whereas L-theanine present in green tea calms you down while you are ANGRY.

# Magnesium rich foods have a marked effect in helping you lower your ANXIETY levels. Rolled oats are a rich source of magnesium. So, sit back and have an oatmeal raisin cookie instead.

Along with eating right, regular exercise, meditation, building a social support system and above all having a concise and intuitive mindfulness is vital in building a balanced self. Ignoring momentary demands and removing temptations, of course, doesn’t-happen overnight. But above all, one can have a more controlled and balanced system if they can change the way they perceive stress. In other words, mending our neurological circuitry for our own benefit can help us in a uniform growth towards a healthy lifestyle.

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