Optimism can work wonders- The Modi context

As per a maxim too popular in India, “Jo dikhta hai wo hi bikta hai” meaning ‘Whatever is showcased properly will only be sold’. The rise of Narendra Modi to the peak of Indian politics proves his idiom along with showing the power of positivity.

But what Modi did was Market analysis. The country and countrymen were irritated with the negativity spread by numbness and dumbness of Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi. Modi observed this and struck well with the positive vibes as clean India, corruption free India and much more. Despite the politics involved one can excel as a good human being with the new schemes being laid by the government which targets eternally to the core of a person. What inspired me to write this story is an advertisement of Government of India as Sankalp se Siddhi: New India Pledge which I came across in today’s TOI.

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The Modi government is going to celebrate The 75th Anniversary of Quit India movement which Mahatma Gandhi kick-started in  1942. It proved to be a masterstroke resulting in an independent India 5 years later in 1947. One must appreciate the creativity of the Governing Council of India. Instead of celebrating 70 years of Independence, they chose to lay the foundation of their 2019 elections by planning a 5 yearly movement at 2017. The movement is not a mandate just like Modi’s ambitious Clean India and Startup India, but it is an opportunity for an individual to contribute something for the goodwill of the nation.

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They are encouraging us to pledge towards Clean, Poverty free, Corruption free, Terrorism free, Communalism free and Casteism free India.  Overall they are encouraging us to build a new edge India. Gandhi then quoted Karo Ya Maro (Do or die) and now Modi improvised it as Karenge aur karke rahenge (Will do it definitely).

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This sole ambassador of the government is urging us to look upon issues like Cleanliness with due seriousness. Who doesn’t want cleanliness? Who wants terrorism? Like the basic needs, these things are also pretty obvious but many are least concerned about these. So it’s all for a good cause that we can heed upon these issues too, to make a positive change in the society. Though it could be a political move, as an optimistic, I found this as an another intelligent opportunity which will attract the common citizen of India. It will instil new positivity in them along with the patriotism every time we look at the National Flag.

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