Posters Showing Mothers Bond that You will Relate Yourself With

Happy Mothers day folks.

On the auspicious mothers day, we present you some quirky posters that will boost up your bond between  your mother and you and once again we know we don’t need any Mothers day to strength our bond.

They Say – God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers and its true indeed . We haven’t seen God but we have seen every work of God being done by our Mother. These posters below will show you How being a mother is Hope you like it. Please do tell us Will be waiting for your comments.

1.From One Of our own Cartoonist


2.Your mother prays more than you for your Exams.


3.Thinks About you more than Herself


4.No matter whatever he time is,She won’t sleep

Mothers day

5.The speed you can’t compare with


6.Better Keep these away from your MOM.



7.Doesn’t matters Whether your stomach is full. She will insist


8.That Dahi-sakkar during your exams.


Image credits:- Scroll Droll

Friends,no matter whether you are away from your home or you are sitting just behind her. Your Mother will always be behind you No matter whatever the ups and downs happen with you.

This mothers day we urge you to do  such a work that your mother will be pleased in. Don’t show it to others in your facebook that you care for her by putting a pic with her but just make a call or send her a gift and you will see how happy she will be.that’s all that she needs Your Love,Your support and that’s only what she ask you to give.

No matter whether you are Naughty or Idiot Your mother will always love you(from idiot i just got something in my mind check this out)


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