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For those who didn’t know, just a few days ago we had National engineers’ day on i.e on 15th Sept. Being an Engineer, the wishes were pouring in through Whatsapp texts, statuses, images, and Videos saying ‘Happy Engineers’ day ‘. But is it really a ‘Happy ‘ one? As per my experience in today’s India, Neither an Engineer is Happy nor the ones who are dependent on him.  In my mother tongue, Marathi there is a common proverb ‘Ati tithe Mati ‘ meaning ‘ Excess of anything is sheer wastage ‘. And this comes very much handy in case of current scenario of our Engineer’s community. 

Among all the wishes I came across, there was a video, which gave me the only 2:32 minutes of proudness of being an Engineer. The video was about an Incident happened in India during the British era. One night a man sleeping beside the window of running train woke up hurriedly and pulled the chain, ultimately bringing the train to a halt. The rail authority quickly grabbed him asking for the reason for such emergency stoppage. He calmly told them that there is a gap between the tracks ahead thus might cause an accident.

The staff got agitated at first but once they surveyed the route, found that the man was saying wise, there was indeed a gap ahead in the tracks. On asking how he knew the error he replied that he observed the change in vibrations of the tracks. That was the finest example of an engineering mind and the person was none other than India’s finest Engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The same person whose birthday is regarded as National Engineers’ day. He had the sharpest mind indeed thus still remembered as Father of Engineering for India.

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But taking inspiration from him when we look into the mirror now, there is guilt in ourselves. The profession of an Engineer has become a mundane one like Clerks used to be in olden times. The things which we learned and the things for which we are getting hired has no resemblance. I can see many of my friends going for the jobs of Bank PO, Talathi and what not. Engineers are part of memes and Jokes nowadays. Who’s responsible for this? We, as students? Or the institution or the Governing body. It’s a chain after all linked to one another.

The government in the name of development gives permissions to open engineering colleges in dozens. It’s not a new thing that majority of Engineering colleges are influenced by politicians. Opening an engineering college works for them in two ways. Though Engineering has lost the respect still it’s popularity is not much behind Tendulkar. Thus colleges become a money making industry for the trustees. Plus they gain a considerable number of votes for their party.


India produces more than 1.5 million engineers every year. Moreover, an equal number of students appear each year for JEE, making it one of the biggest single-day exams In human history. 15,53,809- Is not some telephone number,  it is the number of seats available for engineering across the nation from 3,289 colleges. Many of which don’t get filled each year. But sadly the majority of these engineers are unemployable. It’s time for us to decide whether we want quantity or quality. With these many unwanted figures, Engineers’ day can’t be a ‘Happy’ one. Please share your view on how this situation can be changed which I will summarize in coming days. 


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