Thorium-The future of India’s nuclear energy

Nuclear Energy

For a developing country like India, the most challenging and most significant task is probably,providing energy to such a large scale growth potential.So India is really working hard to generate energy in which the major source comes from nuclear energy and thermal energy.

Two maintain the large amount of energy consumption today Nuclear energy is the most efficient and powerful solution,which not only sustains the high rate of energy requirement but also economical.

Uranium is known as the most efficient material to be used as fuel in the nuclear reactor.But the contentious rise of price and unavailability of uranium in such a large amount leads to the replacement of fuel  with something more efficient even the public opinion was unsupportive to the implementation of nuclear energy because of its risk if explosion.

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Nuclear energy

And the Bhabha atomic research centre came up with a revolutionary idea of three phase Indian nuclear power programme So now Indi is prepared to be the self-powered on field of nuclear energy using radioactive thorium and low enriched uranium fuel,large-scale prototype of reactor are planned to be made Thorium is a fundamental element like other radioactive element Uranium and plutonium.It doesn’t split energy itself rather it gets exposed to neutrons and undergoes chain reaction, In the process, it eventually reproduce uranium 233 which again splits and release energy when it absorbs neutron next time. So basically the chain reaction never stops.In addition to it, thorium is compatible with thermal breeder reactors and release more neutron than the amount of neutron absorbs. It creates the continuous process of reaction that is self-fueled.When the cooling process stops instead of the explosion the raw materials turn into hard sold that stops the reaction which clearly signifies that the chances of an explosion are far less.

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Nuclear energy

In the era of emerging nuclear technology use of thorium is supposed to be proved as world`s safest nuclear reactor, Let the journey of this technology continue.

World Thorium Resources
(economically extractable):

Country Reserves (tonnes)
Australia 300 000
India 290 000
Norway 170 000
USA 160 000
Canada 100 000
South Africa 35 000
Brazil 16 000
Other countries 95 000
World total 1 200 000

Source: US Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, January 1999

 So let’s see what happens to the energy programme. But one thing that is sure is India is not gonna run long by the fossil fuel that is present and is soon disappearing from our earth.So by hook or crook, India has to take the help of nuclear energy programme.That was all from India’s future energy programme we can only hope for the best but It’s the government who has to decide anyway.
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