How is India-US Relations boosting our economy?

It’s very transparent that India-US relation has been phenomenal ever since in multiple strategic areas with its ups and downs at times. In today’s article, I will discuss explicitly how this bilateral tie can strengthen the landscape of science, technology, and innovation (STI) in our country.

So let’s get started.

As we know science and technology are being the key driver for innovation and job creation in the recent time so this aspect needs to take center stage among all the shared values and interests of both the countries. Over the years, knowledge and technology have become significant to most of the bilateral agreements and dialogues between the two countries.


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How can India take the advantage?

Projects such as PARTNERSHIP TO ADVANCE CLEAN ENERGY and joint participation in the areas of fundamental science such as HIGH-INTENSITY SUPERCONDUCTING PROTON ACCELERATOR, THE THIRD METER TELESCOPE, and NASA ISRO SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR MISSION will have a far-reaching impact.

Moving forward we can make this developmental mission worthwhile by focusing on sector agnostic technologies like IT, NANOTECHNOLOGY and GENE EDITING TECHNOLOGY. We need to learn the best practices on science administration from key American federal agencies and that can be a good starting point for India’s science departments and research institutions. This will have a positive impact on all the spheres like education and economy primarily. Then we can extend this impact to trade, defense, security, energy, health, climate, and space.

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India needs to move towards more advanced technology development and innovation. The US needs new sources of sensitive technologies in the areas of defense, telecommunications, and information technology. The US does not allow the purchase of many sensitive technologies from Chinese companies. Thus, they are giving India the opportunity to become a leading supplier to the US. The collaboration between Tata Advanced Systems and United Technologies on defense systems and the sale of telecom equipment in the US by Bangalore-based Texas Networks demonstrates that India can create high-quality technical products for use by American companies and government agencies.


If we can capitalize the knowledge generated through science and technology then we can definitely create an entrepreneurial class with solutions for the society at multiple levels to curb the job scarcity in India.

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To achieve this what India should acquire from the US???

  1. Innovation does not necessarily have to be the cutting-edge kind, it should be need-based and affordable.
  2. Ideation and Prototyping should be business-friendly.
  3. We must model our institutional system and enable our scientists and engineers to make a journey from laboratory to the marketplace.
  4. American technologies with products of Indian grassroots innovations to enhance their value and make them scalable, affordable and marketable.

Yes, many opportunities are to be created in our country for technical, economic and social prosperity. As a result, we can check the brain drain and can let the ambitious youth explore.

At the same time, the existing collaborative partnerships and student exchange programs between research institutions and universities in both countries need to be strengthened at various levels like university-to-university, university-to-industry, and industry-industry.

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Key measures to be undertaken:-

  1. Expanding business practices to facilitate US-based startups enter into India.
  2. Free flow of technology.
  3. Allowing Indian start-ups to introduce products in the US market.
  4. To mingle Indian low-cost innovation with the American robust science & technology.

A note for the Indians staying in the American administration:

They should use their knowledge and skills to support the Indian start-up system and also raise funds for various programs.

And the last statement:

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

Thanks for reading patiently.

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