Difference between Electric car vs Petrol Car Series-2

Hello reader, here we are starting again our ongoing series of articles regarding e-vehicles. If you are not aware of our e-article series then check the links given in this article. This article shows the comparison between the ic engine cars and electric cars. We will compare the two in different categories of parameters which one is better in power delivering, transmitting, utilising, which one is best in handling, traction control and also which one has low initial investment and maintenance cost.

It is the remaining part of the overall article “Difference between ic engine car and electric car” is going to be published in this article. If you haven’t read the first part of this article yet, then follow the link to check the primary differences between two cars.

What is the Difference between Electric cars vs IC Engine Cars

In this part, we will discuss another six differences between petrol car and electric car. They are the cooling system, power dynamics, cost, handling parameters of two cars.

Power dynamics

Let’s compare the power dynamics of these two technologies electric cars are the clear winners here. Ic engine can’t be operated beyond the speed range this necessities the use of a complex and costly transmission for speed control. The motor can work efficiently in a wide speed range. So in an electric car speed can be controlled by invertor which is often called as brain of the car.

It can vary accurately the speed by controlling the input frequency of the three phase supply of the motor. In fact the improvements in the software behind the invertor power electronics play a key role in the revival of electric cars.  So the speed varying transmission is not required for an e-vehicle. The motor can produce high torque even at start. Whereas an Ic engine car will struggle at low rpm. A DC motor is thus needed to take the engine to the optimum rpm range at the start.

ic engine



It is the most important thing of any car to calm down the temperatures of the parts for better efficiency and safety purpose. Ic engine produces a large amount of heat whereas in the motor the central shaft is only heated due to the friction. But in the e-vehicle the batteries generates more heat which should be taken away immediately otherwise it reduces the battery life. The method of cooling developed by tesla is used most of the electric cars. But the fuel tank does not require any cooling mechanism. The removed heat is rejected via radiator in both the cases.

ic engine

After treatment

In the Ic engine car a complex exhaust gas treatment is needed to keep pollutants and noise at statutory levels. But there is no exhaust pollutants in case of an electric car. So the electric car doesn’t eject any pollutant directly into the atmosphere.

ic engine

Traction control

The torque and power of an electric motor can be controlled instantaneously while the Ic engine has a low response this in effect leads to far superior traction controls in electric cars.

ic engine

Refuel time

As we know refuel time for an Ic engine is very much less than the electric car but in the electric car it is a time taking task. In case of petrol/diesel car the average refuel time is 5 minutes whereas the average refuel time of an electric car is more than 1 hour.

ic engine

Weights and cornering issues

The overall weight of the electric car is more than the ic engine car but due to the compactness of the parts of the electric car facilitates a larger space for the luggage and the cabin. But the large weight acts as a penalty for the electric cars in the corners. It reduces the co-efficient of friction between tire and road considerably making cornering difficult.

ic engine

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Regenerative braking system

In the electric car there is an advantage of regenerative braking system. In e-vehicle the same motor can acts as a motor and also the generator but in ic engine regenerative braking system can be implemented by installing a separated DC generator. So it would be a complicated design of regenerative braking system in an ic engine car.


ic engine

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The initial cost i.e. the purchase cost of an electric car is higher than the ic engine car. It is compensated by the fuel cost. In USA the fuel cost for an e-vehicle is 0.01$ per mile whereas for petrol it is 0.5$ per mile. But it depends on the power sources of the country. More the reliable power sources more the electric car’s efficiency. If the conventional power sources contribute more in the total electricity of a country then the fuel cost will be high over there. So to make the electric car beneficial the country should have enough infrastructure for it.

ic engine

Car of the future

The electric cars are much safer than the internal combustion car. And also the energy density and the efficiency of an ic engine car are getting separated. But rapid development of the new improved battery and the induction motor the electric car is becoming more technical superior than the ic engine cars. The electric car has an age over ic engine car and also calling as car of the future.

ic engine

ic engine


so this is all about the  differences between two cars. Hope u have liked it. The next article of this article series  will be published soon which will contain the review of Tesla cars.

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