How the word Politics has lost its meaning.

Though the background of this article has demonetization it’s not only up to this current scenario in India. Currently, India is going through its molding process by the virtue of Demonetization. And Politics has played a major key role in it.


The Beginning.

The commoners are standing with their voted PM but the opposition took it otherwise. The same happened when there were surgical strike and the ban on movies. All these social issues fell prey to the dirty politics of opposition.
The scenario was not different when BJP was in opposition as they created a lot of ruckuses when the then government was going for demonetization and GST. ’Koi bhi dudh ka dhula nahi hai’.

In a democracy, politics is the key to governance. Like in a debate this scenario happens often that a team with a view with the motion is assigned to play against the motion and for the sake of competition and winning they go for it.


The situation here is also the same one. Many from the opposition know that this is a good move but still they stand against it just to grab that damned chair. And it’s the country which loses its path of development in this chaos.

Some aspects of the society are creating these rumors like the country is low on its salt sources, now government has banned the coins of 5 and 10 rupee, the platform like cashnocash (An app which tells users which ATMs in their area are having cash) steals information from your mobile just to cause nuisance to the people who are praising the move. What type of politics is this?

We all know about the term Paid media. If you want to experience it just read 2-3 newspapers and same with the news channels. Like I have ‘The hitavada’ (which has BJP led editorial board) which shows a lot of positivity about the move and on another hand in the newspaper like ‘Lokmat’(which has opposition party influence) is daily cursing the move by showcasing the doubtful dark side of it.


Past Experiences.

Like for a week, a channel like Aaj Tak was highlighting the deaths due to demonetization but suddenly it changed its stream flow, so the commoners are like ‘Kuch to gadbad hai’.

.The news channels should create a permanent counter for these 50 days on their screen to showcase the amount of money being seized from different regions of the country.  Instead, they are showing ‘Teenager killed himself because of demonetization as mother rejects to give higher denomination notes ’. Like seriously? Tomorrow they will say a patient in ICU died after watching Modi’s speech on demonetization this is another victim of the move. Isn’t it ridiculous?

The opposition has rights to debate the issue, but if is clearly for a good cause then why can’t they support it? The common people in the country are the victims of this politics which have lost its meaning.

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