Things about Hindustan Ambassador you might not know

The Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most iconic cars in the history of India.

Apart from being the most used car at one time to a symbol of bureaucracy and luxury, the Ambassador saw an amazing run for the greater part of the last century.

The Journey of Ambassador

The So Called “The King of the Indian roads” was the first ‘Made in India’ car. Hindustan Motors began production of the Ambassador which was originally the Morris Oxford series III that was manufactured in the UK.

Hindustan Motors acquired the license to produce the Ambassador in India in 1954 with the first units rolling out in 1957, right when the production of the original came to an end in the UK. During that time, it was the only passenger car produced in India and that remained for years until Maruti Suzuki started its operations back in 1983.

Let’s have a look at some of the facts you might not know about that have been told by these famous auto sites:-


1. First car that was part of ‘Make In India’
Ambassador followed the famous Make In India movement much before it was mainstream.



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So What different Auto Enthusiasts say.


  1. The car had a rich British origin
    The Ambassador is based on a model called Morris Oxford series III that was manufactured in the UK.


  1. It got the World’s Best Taxi award some years back  as a result therefore, in conclusion
    BBC’s popular show Top Gear rated the Ambassador as the ‘Best Taxi in the World’.

Top Gear

  1. Indian government bought a major share in the company
    Being the biggest customer of the car, the Indian government actually bought a majority stake in Hindustan Motors.


  1. There is a big ‘Bong’ link to the car
    The now defunct Hindustan Motor factory in Uttarpara, West Bengal was the primary place of manufacturing this car.

Auto Types

  1. The service was highly unreliable
    The Ambassador was known to be highly unreliable when it came to repairs and servicing.

Team BHP

  1. The car transformed into many other vehicles
    The Ambassador became the base of many derivations like station wagon, pickup trucks and goods carrier.

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The Deal with Peugeot

“Hindustan Motors has executed an agreement with Peugeot SA for the sale of the Ambassador brand, including the trademarks, for a consideration of Rs 80 crore,” Hindustan Motors said in a regulatory filing.

Coming back to the deal, reports claim that the tie-up will allow Peugeot to enter the Indian automobile market through a joint venture.


It is also expected that maybe it will setup a plant with initial manufacturing capacity set at about 1 lakh vehicles per year. There is no word if Peugeot will use the Ambassador branding, but considering the deal, probably there is a chance that it could use it to leverage sales.


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