Help Animals and Birds with water in summer!


The heat in the upcoming years is getting worse than the previous ones. The sun is in his full rage! It’s barely possible to go out of the home without any sun protection. Keeping the water bottle and some energizing drinks handy is required as dehydration is common in this scorching heat. We still have the option of staying cool in our homes, under the fans, coolers, and A.C . But what about the animals and birds especially those in the city? No trees, no shelter nothing! Even the water bodies aren’t to be seen anywhere near  a city/town……..and those available are nearly dried up! Water scarcity everywhere…… So guys, Help Animals and Birds with water this summer!

We can still help animals and birds survive the unforgiving summer.Here’s some tips to help them and some images that will surely persuade your inner-self to this!

#1. You should help animals and birds with water……..A crow trying to quench its thirst!



#2. An armed personnel serving his duty here too!!



#3. This puppy is so cute!!…….Friends, you can put some container with water for the stray dogs.



#4. This one gave me goosebumps!



#5. A container filled with water outside your windows/balcony or on the terrace will be quite helpful. 



#6. Help animals and birds with water……Try putting up clay bowls as they keep the water cool !



#7. This dove has satisfied it’s thirst and seems quite happy. Photography time!



So friends, help animals and birds with water . This is hardly going to consume your time or money! A clay bowl costs around INR. 250/-. This is a small thing but believe me, it’s going to make a huge difference. Bring out the humanity in you! Help them in surviving the summer.

Help the animals and birds and join us in building a better tomorrow!!


Blog by- Mohit Shah





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