Bengaluru Heli-taxi: Another milestone for india

” Every once in a while a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation. ”

The hectic long hours’ journey on the hustle- bustle roads of Bengaluru is now over. The Silicon Valley of India is leading the way ahead of others by initiating more technical and smart services for the common people. Bengaluru, the electronics city is all set to launch its heli-taxi service from the Kampegowda International Airport(KIA) helping passengers save hours in the busy roads.

The tech hub has 10 million population and 6.93 million vehicles. The journey from the airport to the city or vice-versa covers 55 km and consumes 2-3 hours costing around Rs 2500.  The heli-taxi service will be bringing a relief by reducing this 3 hours journey to 15 minutes assuring comforts to the passengers.


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Citizens expect the service to begin within 3 months and will be operated by Thumby Aviation Private Limited. In the early stage, the service will only be enacted between the airport and city. Eventually, it will expand to connect the Whitefield, HAL airport and some of the 90-odd high rise buildings that have rooftop helipads.

The government will come up with second round of Udaan, the country’s regional connectivity scheme.  It supports affordable flying through helicopters and connecting small towns.

As  Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation said,

           “We hope that Bengaluru will set a benchmark of this service to be adopted by other cities. Now travel will be seamless and there will be no need to fight traffic.”

The best example of such an organized and developed traffic system is the Sao Paulo city of Brazil. It is similar in size to Bengaluru but it has 300 helicopters operating as heli-taxi.

The expectations from this upcoming heli taxi service are:-

  • Affordable cost of an AC taxi ride between two places in the city
  • Plan of a heliport
  • Uninterrupted service reducing travel time
  • Wide spread of network

Well, whatever you read till now is totally static. You can easily find these data in Google search or in the newspaper, isn’t it?? But I believe that blog posts are meant to contain the information which you basically don’t find in the mainstream media. To make you explore the things let’s move a step forward.

Let’s twist the content to make it more interesting.

In this regard to Bengaluru heli-taxi service, I want to express my view on an aspect which is unrelated to the starting context. But I  will try to relate it in order to make out another solution.

Image Credits- The Samaj newspaper


A famous Odia daily recently published an article highlighting the turmoil the villagers have to go through. The picture depicts how their life comes to a standstill and they have no other choice other than carrying the pregnant women on their own.

These villagers don’t have any means of transport or even their own vehicle to reach the nearest hospital at the right time. Remote villages don’t have access to healthcare facilities. Neither they have hospitals or doctors. The distance from the airport to Bangalore city was just 55 km. But the distance to a hospital from some remote villages is much more than that. Don’t these people need any smart, efficient transport service which can help them reach their destination to save lives???

Instead of setting up immobile hospitals where we find no doctors in most part of the country. Government can spend money in providing fast services like heli-taxi in small towns to connect remote villages. It can make proper utilization of money by government along with a quick solution.

“The African government is making ties with private companies to use drones for accelerating their medical services. For example, transporting the blood bank from one place to another.”

And India has the potential to go to the next level to make such things happen.

If you read the whole article you can find that I am trying to connect two different domains. Though I have not made a vivid description and have not derived a proper solution, you can find that I am trying to connect two domains.

You may say it’s just a thought”. And thoughts are very vital indeed to start great things.

Thanks for reading patiently. Innovative suggestions from the readers are most welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Bengaluru Heli-taxi: Another milestone for india

  • August 14, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Someday we will be having this in Bhubaneswar also.??

    • August 15, 2017 at 3:45 am

      Let’s see.

  • August 16, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Some days ago i read in TOI that Naushad Oomar business head for hyperloop,India is in talks with Modi Govt for installation in India by 2021…if that deal is through and feasible then we could soon be waving good-bye to the idea of half a century old 300km/hr bullet train into become a reality and will be welcoming a 1300km/hr technology knocking at our door.
    #fingers crossed ?

    • August 17, 2017 at 11:33 am

      That’s a great news. India is coming up with emerging technologies and definitely it will be the super power setting examples for others by its innovation and ethics. It’s the time we should empower ourselves then only all the problems can be solved.


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