Dhinchak Pooja Back! Can You Handle another One?


So the last news which I heard about this girl was during the last week of July as ‘Dhinchak Pooja is coming with a new video song’ and I was like Hell No! After hurting my ears and moreover my eyes for several times by listening to the soulful voice of this new internet born celebrity I was in no mood to have it once again.

People found it funny and foolish ultimately making it a wildfire hit on the Internet. But with each of our laughter, she was earning a penny for getting viewed over youtube. When I typed ‘Dhinchak Pooja earnings’ in google, the result was a lot shocking. No person on this planet praises that girl but still watches her videos just to mock her making her a millionaire indeed.

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You get around 1 for 100 views on your video on YouTube and she has succeeded to garner whooping millions of views for her 3-4 videos.  Millions for screaming???? And it’s us who gave her that totally undeserved money instead of giving it to some other deserved ones.


But as Vidya Balan has told us already we want only 3 things. ‘Entertainment entertainment entertainment. for a period, her videos were sheer entertainment just like we like the shitty tweets of KRK. Yes, KRK the leading hero of this article is also an internet born talentless creature. Let me ask you one question, Who is KRK? He is literally no one to be precise. Absolutely no one and still we have made him a celebrity by following him on Twitter and Youtube. And he is a millionaire by abusing all and everything over twitter and reviewing movies calling himself as self-proclaimed Critic.

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Like these pests, YouTube has discovered some genuine talents also like Shirley Setia, Mithila Palkar, Zakir Khan. Making these buddies with some talent big is our responsibility instead of these fools. Youtube is a podium for the new era and should be made a good platform for the genuine newbies to climb the pinnacle of success. Hope so we will not be witnessing another doppelganger of dhinchak girl or irritating  KRK in coming times.


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