The Harsh Truth about the Spiritual fraud Gurus and Babas


My head bows in shame due to confront that India which is the land of Bhakti and Spirituality, their religious gurus and the self-made ‘Godman’ are convicted in murder and rape cases. The controversy of Dera Sacha Sauda ashram headed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has created vicious outrage in the country. And today’s article centres on the same issue.

Well, Ram Rahim is not the first one to be arrested for criminal offences. Before him, many fraud saints have been unveiled and many are to be I believe. But the major question arises:

‘How do these religious gurus and their ashrams become the global phenomena?

We people are so sceptic that before buying 10 kg of potatoes we inspect it more than 10 times. Then how is it possible that the same people are lured blindly by the preaching of some self-proclaimed spiritual motivator? What makes the mass populace believe these gurus and spiritual masters?? This needs to be understood.


Why people follow the dubious religious preachers???

Today most of the religious groups and ashrams venture into politics and other commercial activities. They extend their social service to the marginal section of the society, work for the widows, children and old age people. That’s why these groups are never intervened for their work and ultimately gained people’s faith.


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Sometimes  they act as good disaster managers.Moreover, the relationship between these groups and politics is quite associative. Politicians see them as vote banks hence turn a blind eye to their exploitation. These gurus attract people with their impartial services towards humanity, the ideology of Bhakti, Spirituality, and Social science. Through their work ethics and religiosity, they are able to create a strong network.

The changing socio-economic structure has added to people’s stress. It can be due to poverty, unemployment, anxiety etc. and these factors have made people vulnerable to the fraud ‘god-man’. He offers answers, moral solution and then becomes people’s spiritual guide. Another scenario can be explained for this context that Indian society is still a mix of secularism, faith and superstition.


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When Ram Rahim Singh was arrested a riot began in Deras and nearly 30 people have been killed. His supporters set fire to government buildings, attacked railway stations and petrol pumps.

I want to give another thought to this situation. Whom do you think these attackers would be, direct supporters of Ram Rahim?? Of course not. These are the paid hooligans that created violence. And why are they into this act, because they are unemployed. Simple logic!!!

The static problems like unemployment, poverty, lack of education, and a negative environment are the reasons which provide an opportunity to people like Ram Rahim to commit heinous acts.

Even people know these BABAs are making us fools they are not hesitating to follow them. It can be solved only when people will enlighten themselves. People can get spiritual relief by being rational and seeking inner peace not by running after fraud motivators. And yes in such baffling situations government should take immediate actions to protect the victims.

Looking forward to a more sustainable impact.


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