The Death Bridge: Elphinstone Stampede

The stampede took place on 29th of September 2017 on the foot overbridge linking Elphinstone
Road and Parel suburban railway stations.As many as 23 people have been killed and over 35
injured in the stampede.
The stampede took place around 10.30 am on the tiny bridge between the Elphinstone Road and Parel stations, which are among Mumbai’s busiest. Elphinstone station is usually crowded during peak hours as it caters to office-goers in the Lower Parel area. The station, on the Western Line of the Mumbai suburban rail network, also connects to Parel station on the Central line. After concrete chunks of the pedestrian bridge fell, the Stampede was triggered causing a panic that it was about to collapse. Heavy rains forced commuters to take shelter at the
foot overbridge, who then rushed to board trains, leading to a stampede.

Source – The Indian Express

The government has earned a bad name due to such incidents, people are fed up, says former
Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan.Angry commuters and residents said the bridge is too up old
and narrow and not strong enough to take the busy sector. ” seems like It was a disaster waiting to happen,”
remarked a local resident, saying that the bridge has been overcrowded for years and there
have been multiple demands for more railway bridges for the area.

Witnesses say four trains rolled in at the same time and a large crowd poured into the bridge
that was already bursting with people taking shelter from a sudden, heavy downpour. A few
commuters slipped, and people fell on them.

Thackeray’s strong remarks came a day after 23 people died in a stampede on a railway bridge
at Elphinstone Road station in the city. He also announced a protest march against the railway
administration at the western line’s railway headquarters in Churchgate on October
“I shall not allow even a brick for the bullet train project to be laid. First, resolve all the basic
problems of Mumbai commuters. If Modi wants, let him construct it in Gujarat,” he said, warning
that “if the government tries to push it through, the MNS will oppose it in its own style”.
Condolences to the families suffering the great loss of their dear ones.


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