What is the Difference between Electric cars vs. IC Engine Cars

Hello reader, here we are starting again our ongoing series of articles regarding e-vehicles. If you are not aware of our e-article series then check the links given in this article. This article shows the comparison between the ic engine cars and electric cars, we will compare the two in different categories of parameters which one is better in power delivering, transmitting, utilizing, which one is best in handling, traction control and also which one has low initial investment and maintenance cost.

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electric cars

So first, let’s look into the history of the electric cars, the first e-vehicle were produced in the 1880s, but the advances in internal combustion, electric starters and mass production of cheaper gasoline vehicles led to a decline in the use of electric drives vehicles. And the electric cars was killed by 1920s.In 1999s the general motors EV1 was introduced. But it was further completely withdrawn from the market by 2002s due to its low battery efficiency. But right now the modern technologies help the electric vehicles to be able to compete with the ic engine cars.

electric cars


So here are all parameters through which we can differentiate the merits and demerits of both the cars. It is the first article of the complete comparison of two cars.  In this article, we are considering only five parameters for the readability of the article. And the remaining six will be updated soon in another article.

electric cars


So let’s start the comparison,

Prime mover

It is that component of the car which provides the necessary mechanical torque and power to the vehicles. Other sense we can say it is the microconidia of the car. In the case of petrol or the diesel car the prime mover is the mighty ic engine and in case of the electric car, it is the induction motor invented by Nicolas Tesla. The ic engine is a warehouse of many parts. It contains a small kingpin to the big flywheel. But another hand the induction motor is a cylindrical-like structure contains stator and rotor part and a set of conductive bars. So the induction motor has advantages of less weight and compactness.

electric cars


Power source

Like foods for our body, the prime movers also need the power source from which they can extract energy for producing the mechanical power. The ic engine converts the low-grade internal energy of the fuel whereas the induction motor converts the high-grade electrical energy stored in the batteries. For this reason, the ic engine is less efficient than the induction motor. But the actual efficiency of the induction motor depends on the efficiency of the power plants or other sources of the electric energy. Another thing is that the fuel storage of the ic engine i.e. the fuel tank occupies less space than the batteries of the electric car. So the pack of Batteries contributes more to the overall weight of the car.

electric cars

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Balancing issues

In ic engine, there are a lot of rotary parts which rotate at very high speed during the normal conditions.But it is essential to balance the crankshaft statically and dynamically by adding or subtracting the required weights. As an unbalanced crankshaft could damage the whole engine at high rpm. These balancing weights increase the weight of the engine. But there is no need for balancing any parts in an induction motor. So the weight of the motor is less than the engine.

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High energy density

The main reason of withdrawn of the electric drive cars is the low energy density of the battery. Petrol and diesel contain more internal energy per unit mass compared to the energy density of the battery. So the size of the battery pack is very large compared to the fuel tank of the patrol car. But the existences of the modern electric cars is due to their improved Li-ion battery and their arrangement.

electric cars

Low cg and safety

The battery pack of electric cars does have an advantage as well because the heavy battery pack is sitting very low to the ground and it lowers the center of gravity of the vehicles. It increases the car stability thus overall safety is increased. The large battery pack is also spread across the floor offering structural rigidity against side collisions.

electric cars

so this is all about the primary differences between two cars. Hope u have liked it. The next part of this article contain remaining six comparisons. Here is the link http://theindiansociety.org/ic-engine-vs-electric/

electric cars

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