Election One Nation, One Poll : The Biggest Electoral Reform

Prime Minister Narendra Modi after taking over had spoken about election reforms for our nation and the simultaneous election is one of them. And this could be the single biggest electoral reform in Independent India. Imagine the moves being made in the country- Demonetization, GST and now a few days back Election Commission confirmed that India will be ready by 2019 for simultaneous elections.  What this means is that in the next few months we could be the first generation of Indians to experience the ability to vote once for all states and national elections if simultaneous elections will be held.


Guys, this is a brilliant idea. To put it simply, this idea is so powerful that it will transform our country’s politics forever. We all will be taken away from the cycle of constant political jives and into a new form of governance. If India is to be a superpower, it is one step towards it. Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat said that they have informed the government about the machines they currently have and have asked for some more money to buy the machines. And then they can successfully proceed for simultaneous elections.


The BJP-led government at the center has been aggressively pushing for it because of the following benefits:

  1. Focus on governance and not campaigning


  1. Saving money and resources


  1. Possibility of cleaner campaigns


  1. Less polarization and populism



Frequent elections in the country actually pose a serious challenge to the governance. They also mean a large amount of money is spent on conducting elections. Holding them together will save a lot of time.


While the BJP, TDA, and JDU are up for One nation One poll, the Congress, CPM, and the RJD are against it. The parties against One nation One poll argue that it would be unfair to the regional parties and it would not be viable. They say that it would go against the social diversity of the country, against the state policies. They complain that Narendra Modi’s government is working on this regard because according to a survey 77% of people tend to vote for the same party if the polls are done simultaneously. How dumb these politicians think. People of India are not so stupid. They are sensible enough to vote for one party in the state and one in the center. It’s their choice who they want in power.


This reform is feasible in all dimensions. Without a doubt, there is no gainsaying that this simultaneous election is going to be hugely beneficial for our country. So what is the matter that the opposition parties fear of? Do they fear that the black money they have would be known to the public if the elections are not held every year? Do they feel that maybe the BJP-led government will get more support also in state elections? If that is the case then voting for BJP depends on the citizens. And obviously, it’s our democratic rights to vote for anyone.

So according to me, this reform would lead India towards a developed nation from a developing nation. But what’s your view? Comment below



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