These Harmful Drugs you are Consuming daily but you are not Aware of

Wanna feel like Eddie Morra of Limitless. Yes, I am talking about Drugs that make you Limitless. There are many but I have shortlisted 4(Most common to Current Researched one). These works are based on my Research, Web and Test Subjects review is taken into Consideration.

Those 4 are:

1. Nicotine


3.Betel Nut 


5. Nut Meg

6. Amphetamine

7. Modafinil


*Check the quick Summary if you if you have Time Constraints.

infographics- Types of drugs by their effectiveness to users and others



                      Nicotine is actually an Insecticide used to kill insects in farmlands. But surprisingly it has some sedative effect on Mammals. SHERLOCK Holmes in Sherlock Seasons used it extensively to keep himself focused and active. He used Cigarettes, Nicotine Patch, .etc. to gain the effects of Nicotine. No doubt it has many good Side effects. But it’s a miserable drug actually.   

source – wellnesscom

It can spoil the user, make his heart beat faster, increase blood Pressure, and make him/her aggressive too, including insomnia. No need to describe it as it has got many users— Smokers, Tobacco users. It may cause a headache, insomnia, raise your body temperature .etc. Truly speaking you will not feel like God, rather like a Devil. Never get addicted to this dangerous insecticide drug.

Source: A close relative who used it and filled me with such information.

Test Subject: A close Relative


                         We all are used to it including me (during my research). Sources: Tea, Coffee.  They may be diuretics but the effects they have on mammals is marvelous.

It is my personal experience which I am sharing. At first, I started from Tea and then switched to Coffee.  Tea has a mild effect on its user but promises to have various health benefits. But Coffee is more potent than Tea, especially Black Coffee.


My Experience – Cycling 40 km with an empty stomach but a cup of Black Coffee can better describe its effects. The entire journey went smoothly, no hunger, no tiredness, and the list go on. I was focused on my Destiny and well Concentrated. In other words, I became a Demi God. “Drink a cup of Coffee and fight your enemies in the same way Popeye does eating Spinach”.

But nothing is permanent. Drugs demand more. Same is applied to Caffeine. The effects wear off soon after drinking Twice or Thrice. And finally, you reach a saturation level. You are bound to increase its Dosage to remain active.

But don’t worry. It has a lot of good effects. It’s helpful during Exams, Dieting, Last Moment Assignments .etc. No need to elaborate this Drug, cause it’s a commonly used one.

Test Subject – Myself.


3. BetelNut:-


What we Call a constituent of  “Paan” generally eaten by many people in India. According to the world health organization from a study, it was found that betel Nut causes oral cancer. This is a very serious problem because most of the betel nut addictions are found in Asia. Betel nut contains a drug like Nicotine which makes it addictive to its users. You must have seen”Mukesh from the Bollywood movies”. You would not want to be one of them. Right.? Although you will b known by the whole of India. But Death is certain. So Choice is yours.

4. Alcohol:-

Now I was saving this one for the last as I didn’t want you to skip the article after seeing we are saying you to avoid alcohol. But this is true right.Isn’t it??\


#These are also Some Drugs you might not have heard of But you should Know:-


                                It’s an Ancient Drug used by Egyptians and is used till now to gain its advantages. Source: Khat plant (Found in Africa). It has a lot of uses. In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh consumed it.

Ok, before going to Good Effects, I am giving the warnings first. Red Bloodshot Eyes, Insomnia, Unusual Heartbeat, Drug Addiction are some of the primary Effects. True Dangers lie within. 

So why I mentioned this dangerous drug? Due to its Good effects. It makes you active, concentrated, focused. How it can be ignored when Pharaoh used it to become God like! Its pumps Adrenaline into your blood, thus some use it to gain Muscles, some to study hard, some to become God Like/Limitless. In the army, it is given to the soldiers to remain active all the time during the war. Soldiers claim to even remain active and focused for 48hrs or more.

This drug can do more and my words are not sufficient to describe it. It surely makes you Limitless but its side effects are dangerous. It is an addictive drug, which is dangerous as you become a Druggie. Just imagine the Limitless Scenario.

Source: Web surfing……………….     

Modafinil(Personal Favorite):-

As described by Wiki: “Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent used for the treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea.”

Basically, it is the latest Drug that deals with Sleep Disorders. But you know humans. Students, IT Workers use this drug to get more concentration, focus, activeness. I went through some news articles which reported that students are using Modafinil to get good grades. This changes the system of Education as students get artificial grades – Grades achieved through Drugs. This fact is quite controversial as it raises competition in Education system.

But like Limitless (NZT -48) drug, it is new in the market. Although its approved, but real dangers lie within. Currently, no side effects are discovered, Scientists are still researching on this drug. It’s a Schedule H drug. You can never grab one without a valid prescription.

What if you consume this drug and discover that you have developed a dangerous disease, which in not curable?  Drugs are artificial; you cannot rely on them to get your work done. Its better to avoid them. Let Scientists do research on this Drug extensively. Then you can take its advantage.


Remember – “The Bill Comes Due”. So have it at your own risk.

– Source: WEB

Here are the Summary of some of these drugs:


Good Insecticide. Makes user active but Side Effects are more. It’s better not to consume it.


Common Drug. Cheap with fewer side effects. And also a good Wakefulness drug. Go for it.


Ancient one. Side Effects are more. Dangers of Addiction. But makes it user fly(literally). Previously used in Army.

Modafinil :

New to market. No Side effects. But research is still going on. So, have it at your own risk, if taking without Doctor’s advice.

Ending this topic, here are my Words:

You can Buy Activeness, Focus; but Creativity, Imagination can never be Bought. You are remembered by your Creativity, Imagination, and Leadership.

Be remembered as an Influential Person, not as a Druggie…   


Article By Pruthivi Raj Mohapatra


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  • September 14, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I guess I like the alcohol to much to give it up 🙂 BUT I have given up coffee for the most part that has caffeine.

    • September 15, 2017 at 11:50 pm

      No one is askin to give up, just keep a balance and enjoy the good effects of these drugs… May the Force be with u😊……

  • September 15, 2017 at 4:35 am

    Yes we all should understand better the food & drugs we consume, and of course you know we don’t because there aren’t enough hours in the day.

  • September 15, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Yes, this is so important. We should know what we are taking in. Both food and medications.


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