What is Diksha Portal ? -An initiative of MHRD

Diksha Portal

Hi friends, so before starting the context of the article, let me ask you a question. Who are the people who influence you the most? I think most of us have the same answer i,e. Family, teachers, friends etc. Whether we realize it or not, a teacher is somewhere one of the most important influences in our life. We are blessed to have them around.  Whatever we are it is just because of them only. Nowadays everything is going to be digital, then why should our teachers be far behind.

Diksha Portal

This year on the occasion of ‘Teachers Day’ on 5th September, Honourable Vice president of India Shri Venkaiah Naidu dedicated an initiative for the teachers’ of our nation.The Union Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) launched ‘Diksha Portal'(diksha.gov.in.) for the development of the teachers. It includes the whole life cycle of a teacher beginning from the time when they enroll in Teacher Education Institutes(TEIs) to the time of their retirement. It can be otherwise called as National Digital Infrastructure for teachers. So, that provides a digital platform for teachers to make their lifestyle more digital.

Diksha Portal
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Features of Diksha Portal

  1. Under this digital platform, teachers will be able to access and create high-quality teaching, learning and assessment resources for all subjects and levels in all Indian languages.
  2. They can utilize the power of internet sitting at home.
  3. They can learn free courses online through this portal as well as can take pieces of training in both offline as well as online modes.
  4. This initiative will help our teachers to make interaction and discussion with other teachers, and gain more qualitative contents.
  5. They can customise the infrastructure according to their requirement.

Diksha Portal
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Now Diksha is ready to join with teachers and TIA all over the nation. The champion states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra,  Tamilnadu etc. And they are ready to integrate with Diksha for teacher educators and student teachers to create and share course related resources. Gradually Diksha infrastructures can be rolled out over around 87 lakh teachers. Let us join the journey and contribute time, talent and resources to make it successful for our teachers, our heroes.

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