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Friend We Know its summer time and Most of you would be packing up your bags to move to your already chosen destinations to beat out the heat. Ok if you haven’t chosen yet you should view our post of top ten awesome destinations to visit this summer.And if you are just all set to move to your preferred location then you must read our post about these local foods that you must taste.Thank Us Later.

We know every state have its own culture and traditions and How can we forgot about their food and beverages that too helps to define a state.Each state has its own specific food and beverage and if you have are traveling to some other states You must try to blend in their culture,Here today we present you some of the native local foods that you must try If you are heading to these States.

1. Odisha (Chhenapoda)

With Pahala and Solepur Rasgullas this state is very much famous for its deserts.Let’s not talk Where actually was the Rasagulla was first made,But we are mentioning here the desert which is a must eat when you visit Odisha.

local foods

2. West Bengal(Daab-Chingri)

This place has always been famous for its variety of dishes and variety of sweets as its local foods but here we are showing you an another famous dish you should try that neither Fish nor any desert but Prawn instead which is loved by all Bengalis over there.

local foods

3. Jharkhand(Rugda)

Some of the local foods in Jharkhand include dhuska, which are deep fried rice flour pancakes that may be served with gram curry and potato and how can someone not talk about Handia(Rice beer) which is famous local food or rather local beverage here, But along with this Rugda is very much popular over here

local foods

4. Bihar(Litti-Chokha)

You can call it as the staple food of Bihar😆.This one serves as an essential breakfast in Bihar and you will get this in every place all over Bihar with Dhania ki Chatni.😍

local foods

5. Rajasthan(Ker-sangri)

Flavoured with too many spices and oil, this one is a must try dish if you are going to Rajasthan Now Let me alert you Keep a lot of water beside you if you are going to taste this.

local foods6. Gujrat(Puran Poli)

Being one of the vegetarian states of India Gujarati cuisine mainly consist of vegetarian foods and Sweets,Now if you are visiting Gujrat let me tell you they add sugar in almost all of their recipes. This one is one of the famous recipe eaten by Gujarati people and is also famous in Maharashtra.

local foods

7. Maharastra(Poha)

Along with the Vada pav and Pav vaji which are the two most famous dishes in Maharashtra,Poha is also the very famous dish which is prepared in all houses in Maharashtra.

local foods

8. Karnataka(Bisi Bele Bhaat)

The cuisine of Karnataka includes many vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The Kannada Cuisine is one of the oldest surviving cuisines This one is also a popular dish in Karnataka.

local foods

9. Uttar Pradesh(Biryani And Kababs)

The cuisine of northern Uttar Pradesh is very different from the classic Mughlai food of Delhi. The Nawabs of Oudh were great gourmets and encouraged their master chefs to create new culinary styles. And the kababs and the Biryani is very famous over here.

local foods

10. Jammu and Kashmir(Kalari-Kulcha)

Kalari Kulcha is the famous street food of J&K and can be seen in the menu list of roadside vendors and big shops. To prepare a Kalari, it is dabbed in salt and sautéd in its own fat, it is covered while sautéing. Preparing Kalari requires some expertise that may be mastered in a couple of trials. Some people use butter or ghee for making it more viscous and for making it properly crispy.

local foods

11. Punjab(Makke-di-Roti and Sarson-da-sag)

Yeah, You might have heard this many time before in Movies or from your Punjabi friend This is a must to taste in Punjab.

local foods

12. Delhi NCR(Aloo chat)

Delhi attracts people from all over the world and is very much famous for its local foods or say street food.You can hover all over the Chandni Chowk or Connaught place and you will get an another new dish in every lane.

local foods

First of all, we are sorry If we can’t show your state native food Don’t worry On our next post we will be showing you Your state’s native food and beverages. Now we know India has a large variety of foods so we can’t include all of them here On our next post we will be showing you about different native beverages in India Which you must see. Do Share And Like Our Page. Thanks In advance.😊

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