The tale of a depressed guy – depressions


Ever heard about HFD..high functioning depressions. Let me help you with it ?
So, What’s depression?
Breakups, the death of a loved one, separation, loneliness, hurt, broken!?
Definitely not.

You won’t realize what’s depression until you don’t know what it actually feels like…
Ever felt so bad about watching the differences between the wealthy and the poor, between family & outsiders and developing empathy with their lives, sufferings and boundness to a situation… Ever seen things from their perception..? And ”they” here, comprise of almost everyone around you… You see that pain, that suffering, you see birth and death, happiness and sorrow. And ask ‘why’ ??? And you don’t even know whom to ask ‘why’ ?? All you have is a curiosity, never dying till you die… The only happiness you get is by only helping others… Then my dear…you are fighting with depression…


You can feel me now
Don’t just cry over petty incidences in life and term them as depressions… You don’t know how some people go through when they are able to feel everyone’s pain and perception and they just can’t avoid it… Every day is a battle and we learn to deal with it…
And we don’t even demand you to understand us, because we aren’t able to understand us ourselves, but all we need is a respect for our existence and not bullying for our weirdness…
What we face is a tremendous delicious pain that we love to learn from… Till…

There’s nothing to learn and there’s no point in our existence to exist… But that’s never such a little time, but others make us feel vulnerable to our so-called ‘illness’ and our own ambiguity, getting inspired at one moment and hopeless at the other… That sometimes, some of us take harsh step of coming out of their pain- by leaving their bodies and getting free of all earthly attachments… All I need is, a better place for us to, not about understanding us, coz it’s difficult, but atleast respect our weirdness…

So, the next time if someone says, Chester Bennington died due to lack of fame during his last years, then slap them hard and make them know, that Chester was a warrior who died fighting his inner demons ?


Article By – Ronit Kumar Nayak


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