Dark hour stretches at Delhi,Take a U-turn.


The Delhi government’s formulated plan is nothing without a U-turn by the citizens.

As the Delhi air gets polluted, a regressive emergency plan to control it, has been announced lately by Delhi Govt.  Amidst the routine round of blame-game continuing. Looking at the news channel and all sorts of media flashing the mass moving around with the mask on their faces in the national capital. Now I am intrigued more by the fact that these masks are but useless and safeguards you from nothing. It costs around 2-3 rupees with zero benefits. Hopefully not buying those crackers might have helped or maybe planting a small plant would have reaped a considerable advantage over anything.

A boy sits on the shoulder of his mother as they participate in a protest against air pollution in New Delhi, India, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016. Even for a city considered one of the worlds dirtiest, the Indian capital hit a new low this week. Air so dirty you can taste and smell it; a gray haze that makes a gentle stroll a serious health hazard. According to one advocacy group, government data shows that the smog that enveloped was the worst in last 17 years. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

Politics over pollution :

The blame-game too is worth discussing a recent study by NASA reveals that major contribution to this sort of air pollution is the stubble burning practiced by neighboring state’s farmers. However center claims that neighborhood matters for 20 percent and 80 percent is Delhi’s internal issues. As per central governments’ viewpoint, such a division of figure best represents as to how much should the political fronts be involved when it comes to addressing the real-time issues. However the neighboring state’s govt. claim they have already asked the farmers to eliminate such practices.

Funny is the scenario where everything is politicized to such an extent that every way existence of human life is being played upon.Without a good environment, I doubt what a good governance can do.

Immediate measures were undertaken:

As per the remedial measures, schools will remain closed and burning of waste material anywhere in city and vicinity is banned. fuel burning and kilns functioning is barred for a few days.Artificial rain-cloud forming may follow the entire set of measures to an immediate cause.

Facts and figures:


For the facts and figure part, the particulate matter is 600 micrograms per cubic meter. This is 10 times the government prescribed safe air limits whereas 60 times WHO standards.It’s like burning 40 cigarettes. Strange but yes we have a live example of a consumable product to compare the harmful limits.


It sounds interesting that how we can create a living hell and later on when the situation worsens easily unite to pretend to involve merely by social posts, flaunting a sudden sense of belonging been awakened.As a matter of fact, to describe today’s youthful picaresque trees would be planted more if it would have been emitting wifi signals, pity is that they just give oxygen.
Is it too late to take a U-turn or is it always state’s responsibility to provide for?
We all can definitely do some homework here. Plant a tree, walk if the vehicle is not needed, take public transport etc.Avoid burning wastes/crackers and many small steps can change it for better.
Ironically as it sounds we ourselves have to make situations better for us. Before it’s too late we have to act.

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