UP CM Adityanath Ends Quota For SC,ST, OBC In Private Medical Colleges

A few Months ago, As The Supreme Court called for the end of the Quota i.e reservation system in all institutions of higher education, regretting that ‘some privilege remains unchanged’ 68 years after Independence. It urged the Modi government to take steps to remove reservations in ‘national interest’.

Yogi’s Hands ON scrapping Quota

Today looking forward to the supremes court order The UP (Yogi Adityanath’s)BJP government passed an order to scrap off quota reservations for SC, ST and OBC candidates in private medical and dental colleges.  As we all know Yogi Adityanath’s selection as UP’s new Chief Minister was always a  controversial one. So as It seems UP government under his guidance is diving into creating much-needed change in UP’s education system.

And as for UP where Caste and caste politics is what makes and breaks Governments. Something bigger than both the parties put together would be needed to pull UP out of its caste obsession. Caste politics was the major reason Why BSP and SP have ruled the state lawlessly for decades. But know we can assume that things will change and as we are seeing the circumstances are changing. We can surely say it’s the Modi wave out there. So let’s see what Yogi Adityanath’s government will show as in the near future. We are also getting news from our sources that Yogi Adityanath’s government is aiming to revamp the UP education system by introducing English as a language from nursery itself instead of from 6th class. The government also plans to add a foreign language to the curriculum.

At a time when politicians have shied away from banning reservation for fear of backlash.  The UP’s government’s move to ban it in medical colleges is a huge step towards quality education. Of all professions, the medical profession is one that should be kept out of caste-based politics and we’re glad it’s finally happening.

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