If You Click on free mobile data links”Beware.”

Free Mobile Data is all a scam.

Friends In our modern world everyone is working day and night to earn and live a happy life.And it’s true that everyone wants to be rich and rich as quicker is possible. You want to get anything that is FREE, Yeah if you have a little knowledge in business you will soon catch that it is just another business developing strategy The One Thing You should remember is in our world NOTHING IS FREE Either you will pay or somebody else has paid for your free Item.So there is nothing called free mobile data or free Internet data or free mobile balance it’s all a trap that you are getting into.

Free Mobile Data

Yesterday I was talking with my friends and one of my friends sent me a message (the above)showing a link of free 3g Data.I was already aware of this scams(WHY? Because I used to click on these links when I was merely 12-13 years old.) So I told them not to be caught in this type of free mobile data scams But why would he believe me as he was in a state called (In Moh.Maya..😉)

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So I thought I should blog about How people are wasting their precious time in this legit scams and for you also tell you where can you actually get some talk time for free(Ok not for free You have to spend some of your data either WiFi in some apps such as Gigato, Kickbit)Because Now we know NOTHING IS FREE)

Free mobile data


Experiment With this links.

Yes before writing this blog post about free mobile data We surfed the internet and searched for this type of websites which provide these links to share with other people and let me tell you. No such links provide you 100% of what they claim they will provide unless you are using some Apps from google play store like Gigato in which you have to download an app to gain money and Yes like I told that’s all a marketing strategy It’s not the app but the company related with the app you are downloading is providing you the money because of their app you will be using from now.See I got this image after I was clicking on some links.

Free Mobile Data

Why they Post such Ads or Links.

The simple answer that I told you it’s all a market strategy either to promote their website either to gain Facebook likes on their page either they can tell you to like any other facebook page of their friends in either way it’s not you who will get benefitted it’s them who will get benefitted through you.Now the world makes sense Right!!

They even use words such as (this app has been released by the digital India initiative and will give you free internet data or free mobile balance).Praise Modi. And many times you might have seen the message in which the headline is “Sent by S.P Mumbai or Civil Surgeon of Delhi and ask you to click on some links. Just because these messages generate trust among you and unwillingly you click n those links. Just think Why would Mr. Narendra Modi will distribute Free data to you, What’s the point in that He has other important works to do.

Free Mobile DataFree Mobile Data

And Do you know 4 months internship is compulsory- says AICTE

How they get Paid for it.

Let me tell you How they earn or how they get benefitted, We are all discussing with you because during our experiment we get some of the things mentioned below. Ok you might not be aware but

  • Whenever you click on a link which takes you to their site and they get paid, HOW?  You might be seeing the Ads on their websites from any advertising companies whenever you visit their site they get money from the Ad agencies. I know this because I am a blogger and I know how much I earn from advertising on my site.

Free Mobile Data

  • Sometimes When you click on these links you might don’t get any of the free data information instead the link will take you to a site that may be an e-commerce website or any other small blogs.WHY? because the more people visit there to blog the more their blog will become famous and generate more income simple fact indeed.

Free Mobile Data

  • Sometimes You might be seeing the option you have to like their facebook page to proceed further, Yes the another benefit they get from it. And now they can regularly send you the links in your timeline.So beware you are the one helping to spread such fake links.

Free Mobile Data

  • Some big companies pay these websites to make people download their apps and Yes I am talking about big companies like Flipkart,Goibibo,Idea, (During our experiment we do get the links to download their apps that are why we know, Just don’t call them we don’t want want to get defamation case on Ourself ).Yeah, It’s part of their marketing strategy for their promotions and it’s 100% valid through.

Free Mobile Data

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The Bottom Line

The next time you get such type of links of Free Mobile Data please make sure not to click on this links and do make sure to aware your partner about the fraud in which they have to get caught just to get free mobile data. Next time somebody sent you these links make sure to forward this Blog address to him/her so that he will get informed about the hoax going around the internet. Please make your Indian society aware of such fraud message and do SHARE our Message to the Society WHY? Because My Physics Exams are tomorrow and I am sharing my knowledge with you instead of studying.😂 Check this Image downloaded from technically geeky splash sent by a Distressed person.

Free Mobile Data

image credits-geeky splash

If u have any concerns or anything to share or want to write with Please do contact us. If you too have been frauded please do let us know. Comment below in the comment section.Eagerly waiting to hear from you.



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