China-Pakistan Economic Corridor- How it can harm India

You might not be knowing but CPEC or better known as China Pakistan economic Corridor is a 3000 Km long route that will connect Gwadar port that is situated in Balochistan(Pakistan) to Kashgar(China).

CPECAfter Construction which will cost approximately 51(may vary)billion to China. It will be a important trade route which will connect China to the middle Asian countries. Now we will tell you in brief how China will be very much benefitted from the CPEC and how India can loss one of its disputed area through it.

As we know China imports most of its petroleum from the middle Asian countries and now it takes a lot of time for supply of a petroleum from middle Asian countries to the east side of China because 94% of China’s population is on the east side of the China.

Why China wants an another route.

CPECDue to the problem arising on the south China Sea, China wanted an another route so that it can get continuous supply of crude oil withput any hindrance. So now China has been planning to construct the CPEC(China Pakistan economic Corridor) so that It can import its crude oil from middle Asian countries directly through Pakistan and also maintain a good relation with the middle Asian countries.

How India can get a problem with CPEC

The CPEC that China wants to build in Pakistan will paas through the Pok region that Pakistan names as Aajad Kashmir and India as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Now this region is a disputed land so now Pakistan cant construct the CPEC in this region without official permission from India. And also once the CPEC will be constructed in this region India has to deal both with Pakistan and China and India doesn’t wants it.

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