September 15, 2017 madhusmita 0

A LANDMARK IN INDIAN HISTORY- SUPREME COURT’S JUDGEMENT ON TRIPLE TALAQ “TRIPLE TALAQ” is a form of divorce that was practiced in India, through which […]

The Harsh Truth about the Spiritual fraud Gurus and Babas

September 7, 2017 aishwaryapatra 0

My head bows in shame due to confront that India which is the land of Bhakti and Spirituality, their religious gurus and the self-made ‘Godman’ […]

Article 370 : Should it be exterminated ?

August 21, 2017 Aparna Abhilipsa 2

On our last article, we told you about some of the Most important IPC Sections every Indian should know about. A well-known article of our constitution […]

Optimism can work wonders- The Modi context

August 17, 2017 Parag Shri Joshi 2

As per a maxim too popular in India, “Jo dikhta hai wo hi bikta hai” meaning ‘Whatever is showcased properly will only be sold’. The rise of Narendra Modi to the […]

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