Can a Car really run on compressed Air ?

Now on the back days when I was studying in class 10 On our school projects I made a project of a demo car that used compressed air to generate thrust and move ahead. Although that was a school project and I used the air as to generate thrust. But I still thought why not compressed air can be used in an engine directly instead of fuel for moving the piston.

Now the time has changed and You will be amazed to know that there are cars that have been already made or are in the production process that uses compressed air to power the engines.

How Compressed Air will help

The engine that will be used will be very much similar to a steam-powered engine but the main problem that we have to face is the size of gas tank that will keep the compressed air as fuel.

An alternative that could be used is a liquefied gas like liquid nitrogen. You can think of liquid nitrogen as air that has been compressed so much it has liquefied. As Liquid nitrogen is much denser than compressed air, one could store enough in a car to give it reasonable range. But still you have to fill that up at the liquid-nitrogen station.

A compressed air car would generate no pollution while you are driving. However, one of the problem is that the power plant that produces the electricity that compresses the air (or liquifies the nitrogen, for that matter) is probably generating pollution from the coal or oil it is burning. Power plants are relatively clean and very efficient compared to car engines, so this is not a bad trade-off. Still, it’s important to compare apples to apples.

Another thing that would be interesting to figure out is the efficiency of a liquid-nitrogen engine. If you burn gasoline in a car engine, only about 20 percent of it powers the wheels. The rest creates wasted heat. It would be interesting to see how efficient a power plant is, plus how efficient a nitrogen liquefier is, plus how efficient a liquid-nitrogen engine is — that would tell you whether you were creating a technology that is better or worse than the gasoline engine in terms of efficiency.

Cars That already Uses Compressed Air

Yes there is a company named “Zero Pollution Motors” that is now manfacturing cars that will be using compressed air as fuel and have already made several prototypes. ZPM is poised to produce the first compressed air-powered car for sale in the United States by Q4 2017-Q1 2018 . Production in Europe is schedule for May 2017, US buyers estimate delivery, for those who paid their deposits 2nd half 2017.

The AIRPod vehicle, developed by MDI (, is the solution to urban pollution and urban mobility.  With its small size, a tiny price, zero pollution, and a fun and futuristic design, AIRPod marks a turning point in the range of urban vehicles.   It is a real breath of fresh air in cities and the prelude to travel without pollution.

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