What is “Rally for rivers”. Why it is important


So my dear fellow Indians, we all have read or listened about this. Not so new crisis of water from the old golden days of childhood. At first, it might have been the elders of our family who taught us to turn off the tap after use and to use the water carefully. Then came the boring geography or science teacher who taught us the same with some mundane facts. Even the public places are also telling us the same that ‘Jal hi jivan hai’ or ‘Jal hai to kal hai’. But as per the point of view of the western world, we Indians have the ‘Who cares?’ attitude towards such lame topic.

Last fortnight I came across one such campaign where I saw a man appealing to join him in his so-called movement ‘Rally for rivers’. It’s a rare scenario that an Indian sage having long beard giving you some deep thoughts that too in English. I had seen that man before also in some motivational video and found out that was Sadhguru alias Jaggi Vasudev. Then I googled him and found that he was awarded Padam Vibhushan and I was amazed. After knowing who he is, my fingers next rolled out to search What is Rally for rivers?



To know more about the Padma Vibhushan awardee yogi “Jaggi Vasudev” See here

Keeping it short, Rally for rivers is a campaign launched by the Isha Foundation (Sadhguru’s Nonprofit Organization) in 2017. Jaggi Vasudev addressed a gathering of thousands in sixteen of the most affected states of India to spread awareness among citizens about the condition of rivers and the need for a long-term policy which contains afforestation of river banks as a major point.

As per his take on the campaign, they have come up with an idea to plant trees on the river banks upto 1 km on both sides. The logic is simple which can be cracked down by a kid also. More plants will lead to more rainfall in that region. Thus acting as a Sanjivini for the drying rather dying rivers. If this has to happen we need to make a resolution to show it to the government with the majority of us supporting the motion.

They have already drafted a policy document having to detail of the project which was well supported by the environmentalists. And as said by him “Everyone who consumes water must Rally for rivers”. My first reaction after watching that video and visiting the website was picking up my phone to Give a missed call on 80009 80009. I think you will be also doing the same so as to secure our future.

To know more and Join their foundation You can visit their site here.


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