How to know and identify which products are made in India..??

After Mr.Narendra Modi was elected as the Honorable Prime Minister of India in the year 2014, India witnessed a hike in demand for swadeshi products. With certain schemes like make in India and swadeshi cloth materials like khadi. Modi’s style and his voice have raised patriotic feelings among the citizens of India to buy made in products and nowadays people are asking the vendors to get supplied only with made in India products.
There still lies confusion among the people, which product they should buy and how to know that whether it’s an Indian product or an exported product.

Well, guys, you can’t browse through web every time for every product. Even if you ask the vendors to get manufactured in India’s products, they won’t always give you the right one. There is another simple trick to identify by looking at the barcode of the product. A barcode is also written in the numeric format under the bars. The starting two or three digits signify the manufacturing country’s code.

India’s code is 890********** For example, you are buying a Parle-G biscuit and if you look at the code you will find the digits start with 890**********. This code 890 will help you know that this company produces this product in India. If you want to know that whether this product is produced in any other country, you can type the first two or three digits of the barcode and check the manufacturing country.
For made in China products, the code starts with digits 692**********. You can pick any packed product around you and check it’s code.


Made in India products also attaches a print off a batch no. , this batch number indicates some description as
Batch no. : First two characters of the batch indicates the address of the manufacturing unit and FSSAI license number.
example TN stands for the product is developed in the Tamil Nadu state of India.


Below is the list of barcodes of some countries from where India Imports products and it’s initial 3 digits Numbers.

  1. 000 – 019 GS1 United States
  2. 030 – 039 GS1 United States
  3. 400 – 440 GS1 Germany
  4. 450 – 459 & 490 – 499 GS1 Japan
  5. 460 – 469 GS1 Russia
  6. 471 GS1 Taiwan
  7. 479 GS1 Sri Lanka
  8. 489 GS1 Hong Kong
  9. 500 – 509 GS1 UK
  10. 629 GS1 Emirates
  11. 800 – 839 GS1 Italy
  12. 885 GS1 Thailand
  13. 893 GS1 Vietnam
  14. 930 – 939 GS1 Australia

So next time you see a barcode in any product you can easily recognize, from which country it has been imported from. Also, you can easily distinguish whether a product is made in India or not.\

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