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Our society comprises of people from more than 10 different religions living together in harmony. We know in this modern era residing a peaceful life is not so easy. But India is a secular country because we Indians love and respect every religion, aspect, cast, and belief. Where there are about a billion people living together there will be a lot of misunderstandings a lot of struggle every day to survive among them.Differences arise, but solutions exist too!

 About the indian society

This blog gives you an insight idea about our Indian society, its culture, and traditions. What are the problems that are depriving our society? How should we deal with it? How should everyone help the society to develop a better India? We on our blog write freely any news which the other Indian media editors aren’t allowed to show you on television because of some of their television policies but here our editors get the full freedom to write about anything that is related to our Indian society we never provide any content that has been paid to deliver to you.

Apart from delivering you all the trending facts from our society We regularly run several campaigns so that we can collect some money and give the money to the person in need.Apart from the blog we also see ourselves as a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to create a better society.If You too want to be a part of our organization, Please do join us by filling up the Joining form.

We are the totally financially independent community and in no way take any help from any politicians or bureaucrats.Our Moto is to provide you the information about every topic related to our society which harms our people’s interest. We are totally committed to public interest and modern democratic values.

Our tagline cum Moto is— “Building a better tomorrow” and we are very much serious about our Moto. We constantly try to add new articles and edit whenever any new incident takes place

Whatever the contents you will be getting on our blog has been provided after a lot of detailed research. (through various books and other authentic documents and websites). In our blog, we greatly value your opinion. So if u feel to share anything like related to anything at all with us feel free to contact us through the below information. and We really want to provide valuable information to you and please feel free to share whatever information you like in our blog through Facebook, twitter,google+, WhatsApp. We assure you that we will be providing you only the authenticating information irrespective of any foundations.

If you have any concerns related to our page or any ideas to develop our community please do contact us.

Satyajeet Patnayak

Satyajeet Patnayak AboutFounder Of The Indian society is a blogger and has written for other many blogs for some other famous sites and is currently a student of College of engineering and technology(CET) Bhubaneswar pursuing mechanical engineering and aims to become a scientist at DRDO.

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