These are the Indian Paramilitary forces “The Supermen of India”

March 12, 2019 sudhansu 0

Dealing with two hostile neighboring national security is a primary concern for India. The government ensures the security status and also maintain the law and […]

Hookah – more toxic hydrocarbons than Cigarettes

March 11, 2019 sudhansu 2

To cope with a stressful life-style people adopt different media They smoke, drink and take various drugs to reduce their anxiety. As a result industry […]

China asked for Duty-Free trade on its 85% of Indian exports

March 6, 2019 sudhansu 1

In the current scenario, as India evolving as an economic giant China wants to improve the bilateral trade between two countries. China has asked to […]

The ISIS funded Harkat-ul is predecessor of Jaish E Mohammed: CIA Report

March 4, 2019 sudhansu 4

A declassified report of CIA on Harkat-ul-Ansar (HUA) which was the parent organization of Jaish-e-Mohammed Has been found. It says that the Hua received regular funding from […]

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